Hello there!

I'm Ashleigh Lawrence-Rye, freelance writer, blogger, and positivity enthusiast. 

I'm the only adult human in the little seaside apartment that I share with my young son, Seb, and our two cats, 2 year old Inspector Bucket and The Kitten.

My focus and passion is living a healthy, sustainable and compassionate life, whilst spending as little money as possible. You'll find that this ethos spills out in to the content of my blog too. There are lots of wholesome, nourishing recipes, using the key principles of clean and sugar free eating, as well as ideas to help make money go further in home improvement. I share ideas for spending time with family, or simply making the most of what this life has to offer - without cutting ethical corners.

I avoid supermarket and big-chain shopping and prefer to live by the Shop Local ideal, buying from independent retailers and producers - this doesn't have to make life more expensive - and it shouldn't have to mean compromising on time and convenience, as I try to demonstrate here on my blog. A sustainable, ethically mindful life should be a fun one, and I want to inspire people to make positive, confident choices that are great for themselves, and the environment. 

I gave up sugar and processed foods last year, when I found myself depressed, anxious, carrying extra weight and lacking in positivity and motivation. Now I continue to live according to a clean lifestyle - and blog about it here too!

I also champion the use of cruelty-free products that don't rely on animal testing, and where possible, do not contain animal products, as well as maintaining an overall concern for any environmental fall out caused by the way that I choose to live. 

My blog is a little like my apartment. My son has left a series of grubby marks all over the place, but these lift the spirit and give everything a more lived-in feel; meanwhile, the cats will usually be stretched out in the sunnier corner of each post. There's no TV, so I'm afraid you're going to have to read, or rely on conversation for your entertainment, but there are plenty of books, and plenty of chat. Nothing is particularly expensive, but everything has a story, whether it came from a skip, or was a gift from a much beloved friend.  Fresh cut flowers and a marshmallow duvet are some of the only material luxuries you'll find around here, but true wealth lays in bad jokes, seasonal vegetables, coastal walks and good coffee, and you'll find those here in plentiful supply.