What The Kids Are Reading: April 2016

OK, so Quinn's not 'reading' yet! (Breast milk is good, but it isn't that good). I love looking through books with her when we get a few quiet moments though.

The "That's Not My..." books from Usborne have always been a hit. Quinn's recently taken on Seb's collection of these tactile, touchy-feeling textured books, and we have many, from That's Not My Train (in Italian) to That's Not My Penguin (in French).
That's Not My Lamb (in good old English) was my gift to Seb on his first ever Easter, so we've been looking at that recently - in the spirit of Spring, and I bought Quinn That's Not My Bunny for her first Easter this year.
We've also been enjoying the 20th anniversary board book edition of Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney. Seb owns a lovely copy of this but I try only to look at board books with Quinn at the moment, as she grabs everything and loves to screw up and tear paper! This book was a "new baby" gift from Boyfriend's sister and her family and it's one of Seb's favourite stories - he's really loved being able to share it with his sister thanks to this version. The story is unaltered - the only change in this Special Edition is to a board book format which makes this classic more accessible to younger children.
I bought Seb a couple of new books last month to allow us to talk a bit more about Spring, and the changes that we could expect to see this month.
Tree by Britta Teckentrup, is such a beautiful rhyming book, it's an ideal length for bedtime reading and the illustations are really whimsical and pretty. The book follows a single tree (and it's resident owl) through a full year, describing, in verse, the changes in nature that the owl observes with each change of the seasons. Seb is really taken with it and has chosen it from all of his books several times lately when I've asked him to choose a book at bedtime.

Another range of Usborne books that we love in our house are the "Look Inside" books, which have lots of flaps to lift and uncover interesting facts. Seb likes these as it gives him an element of control when we're reading together. Look Inside Space is very well read here, so I decided to get Look Inside The Garden; again, to discuss seasonal changes at this time of year, and introduce topics like pollination, which are relevant now that the bees are waking up and Spring flowers are in bloom.
Seb's like me, he really enjoys non-fiction reading. Like all of the books in this series, Look Inside The Garden is colourful and fun. It's definitely aimed at children younger, but he likes lifting the flaps and we tend to go off on a tangent as he asks more complex questions that arise from the content of the book.
Super Happy Magic Forest is just amazing, if you love silly humour in children's books (as we do!). The book interchanges between a picture book and comic strip format, and there's lots of humorous dialogue between the characters - four "heroes" (a unicorn, a fawn, a toadstool and a garden gnome) who have to travel to save the Mystical Crystals of Life from goblins. It's a bit of a piss-take of adult "epic quest" type fantasy books, and on that level, it's quite amusing for grown up readers. Basically, *spoiler alert*, the goblins turn out to be really friendly and just love dunking fig rolls in their tea, and the true thief of the Crystals of Life turns out to be an oak tree, uncovered as the "root" (get it?) of all evil...

The last book that I'm sharing this month is Amazing Animal Journeys by Chris Packham. We don't look at zoo themed books at home because, as a vegan, it isn't really a social norm that I want to encourage, so I'm trying to counter that by ensuring that the children have lots of books about wild animals - actually, you know, in the wild. This book is by Chris Packham (of Springwatch and the like) and is really fascinating, even for adults. The information about animal migration is broken down into easy to follow facts, with lots of beautiful illustrations and diagrams. It's just a really thoughtfully put together non-fiction that truly supports my vegan values, so gets a big thumbs up from me!
I'm looking for book recommendations for next month. I want to get Seb a few new funny books, by which I mean books that he will find funny (think poo, underpants, farts... that kind of thing!) but that are obviously suitable for a just-turned-six-year-old. Please do get in touch with your suggestions!

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