7 month update

Argh! Quinn's well into her seventh month, in fact, when people ask me how old she is I'm already responding with "almost eight months", and I haven't published a seven month update! 

Thankfully, not a huge amount has changed since six months (both reassuringly and sometimes frustratingly). There are still a number of things that Quinn shows very very little enthusiasm for. 
These include: 
  • eating
  • sleeping for any length of time
  • sleeping in her cot, at all
  • crawling
  • rolling over
  • pulling herself up stuff
  • teethers or the general putting of stuff in her mouth
  • smiling at strangers
  • the pushchair

She's still breastfeeding probably eight times in 24 hours as an absolute minimum, but generally it's every two hours during the day and everything three hours through the night. Sometimes it's every fourty five minutes. She is a serious boob monster! I'm just mega lucky I guess to have a great breastfeeding support network, both online and "in real life" and a very understanding family - I think if I weren't at all knowledgeable on the typical behaviour of a breastfed baby I'd be going out of my mind by now! 

I love co-sleeping and I know that it's the most beneficial and safe way to sleep whilst I'm still breastfeeding so I have no complaints about us bed sharing, although we do have a cot against the bed in a sidecar arrangement which she really could use to give us a bit more space! Whilst she's still feeding through the night every few hours though I do love the fact that she rolls towards me, I roll towards her, she latches herself on, does her thing, and rolls away again! It means that I'm not properly disturbed at night and certainly don't have to leave the bed, so I have a lot more energy during the day than someone who only has to get up the once, but needs to make a bottle or fetch their baby from another room.
Quinn's reluctance to move is an absolute God send. I'm 99% sure that Seb was mobile by this age, so having a baby that you can just put down, walk away from, and come back to in exactly the same position is awesome! She does get frustrated if something's out of her reach, but for the most part she just really enjoys a good sit down!
I have never ever known a baby to be so against mouthing stuff! If you give any other baby a toy, a tissue, food... it goes straight to the mouth for exploration - this is supposed to be how babies learn about size, weight, and texture. It's a very rare occurence for Quinn to put anything in her mouth - she can, she just has no interest in doing so. Continuing the same pattern of behaviour from her newborn days, she's all about visual learning, and when you give her something she'll study it really intently - holding it close to her face, then further away, and turning it over in her hands. She interested in looking at something from every possible angle and if something is particularly interesting (faces, especially) she can stare really intently at it for ages. 
Babywearing is my biggest love at the moment. I'm using a carrier way more often than the pushchair, we're averaging on one pushchair use a week at the moment I think, and four to five outings with the carrier every day. Quinn loves being carried - it gives her a far better view of the world around her and she's close to me which she loves - and I don't have to get a pushchair on and off the bus all day!
I'm going through another phase of updating Quinn's wardrobe as she's moving back and forth between sizes (she's difficult to dress, being on the 50th centile for height, but the 95th for weight - and in cloth nappies!) but as Mothercare had a recent sale I bought some new bits from Jools Oliver's "Little Bird" range, and some vests from a cool little Mum-owned British business Elfie London who also had a clearance sale to make way for new season items. Add to that a trip to my favourite charity shop and Quinn has a few nice new bits! Now to get out and about and find occasion to wear them all! We're off out this coming weekend to celebrate Quinn's Grandma's birthday, so I'm tempted to treat her to a new outfit with a Next voucher I have rotting in my purse! 

Quinn's added somewhat to her signing repetoire - as well as a confident sign for milk, she's now signing "cat" when she sees the cat, and an occasional attempt at "I love you", which I think she just uses as a greeting as I can't see how she'd understand what it actually means. On the subject of greeting though, her waving has returned ten fold! She started waving to familiar people at four months, and then at six months she seemed to stop and appeared to have forgotten all about it. Now however, her waving is pretty over enthusiastic - she even starts waving at the sound of the doorbell, in anticipation of someone coming in! 

She's also said her first word (confidently and in context, I don't count sounds that accidentally sound like English words!) and it was... drum roll... "Mama". I'm pretty smug about it.

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