Fantastic, No Plastic, February

Inspired by something a friend shared on Facebook, I decided last week that I really wanted to challenge myself to buy and use less plastic on a day to day basis. I know that plastic production and disposable is bad for the planet, and I'm partly vegan for environmental reasons (did you know, animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change?), but whilst I'm drawn to products with environmentally friendly packaging, I have come to accept it's wide spread use in British culture.
One of the biggest areas in which I consume plastic is through the food that I buy and this is so easy to put right. I've fallen out of the habit of shopping with the local baker and greengrocer as much as I used to, and have started buying more bread and fruit and veg from the supermarket. The other day, Boyfriend and I were in our local Tesco, and they had no loose carrots. Our options were limited to changing our dinner plans, or buying a plastic bag of carrots, unnecessary packaging for a start, but also, more carrots than we needed. As a family we get through a lot of bed, half term is looming too which means I'll be making sandwiches for Seb during the week as well as rounds of toasts for everyone in the morning. By buying loaves from the baker, rather than sliced bread from the supermarket, I can remove another piece of plastic wrapping from my weekly shop.
I've considered some of the other products that I buy every single week, which come in plastic packaging. These include;
  • spread/margarine
  • plant milks, in a carton with a plastic lid
  • houmous
  • ice "cream"
  • cheese
  • yogurt
  • biscuits
I have recognised that it's pretty much impossible in modern life to live entirely plastic free, I'll be exploring ways to avoid common plastic use, but inevitably, living without any plastic at all would be almost unachievable with a young family.
I have however decided that for the month of February, I'll be actively trying to cut out plastic purchases, to adopt some new habits to use throughout the year, that will drastically cut down on the amount of plastic our family gets through, and, inevitably, throws away.
We do recycle, and as such a majority of plastics can be reused rather than ending up in landfill (you'd hope, though personally I have a deep seated lack of trust in refuse collection people). However even the process of recycling plastics, whilst preferable over putting them in landfill, is damaging for the planet as it has to involve a pretty significantly chemical output.
Where we do have to use plastic products, I'm going to be finding ways to recycle them within the home, rather than putting them in the recycling bin.
More than a million marine animals such as sea turtles, whales, dolphins, fish and sea birds are killed every year, just through plastic pollution in their habitat. Living by the sea, I'm passionate about marine conservation, so I don't really want to support a practice which is contributing to such widespread suffering.

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