15 Facts About My Relationship

I quite liked taking part in the 73 Things post the other day, which Lauren from Belle Du Brighton roped me into. I'm a huge fan of a list, what can I say.
Having avoided the likes of "Valentines Day Gift Ideas", or "Alternative Date Ideas" posts etc. to cash in on Valentine's Day fever this year, I thought I'd honour it with something a little more personal to me and the Boyf.
We don't make a big deal about Valentine's Day, mainly because we're pretty soppy all year round, sometimes sickeningly so. This year we'll be hanging with all four children on Valentine's Day, which isn't exactly romantic by most people's standards, and we'll flop into bed by about 9pm and watch back to back box set episodes until we're too tired to stay awake. I'm totally cool with that though.
I decided to celebrate my (really very lovely) relationship with a little fact storm. So, here are 15 Facts about my relationship, which haven't been discussed previously on the blog.
  1. We have the same favourite colour. It's orange, for anyone who's interested!
  2. Our birthday's are precisely 6 months apart. Basically, his birthday is my half birthday, and vice versa.
  3. When we first started dating we had the same book on our bedside tables. It was Apple Tree Yard by Louise Doughty, incidentally.
  4. We have no anniversary. I have no idea what date we first met, and he did actually ask me to be his girlfriend, because he's old skool, but I have no idea what date that was on either.
  5. We had a baby after a year of dating. One year, to the date. The one calendar date I do know is that of the first time we went "out" together on anything even remotely resembling a date, and that was the 23rd July 2014, exactly one year before Quinn was born.
  6. I've never seen him without a beard. Obviously I've seen photographs of him before he had a beard but I just refuse to accept that they're pictures of him.
  7. He has a better skincare regime that I do. I'm pretty crap at using products effectively. I treat myself to new skincare stuff and use it for a few days and then forget all about it. He is totally unable to go a day without moisturiser (one with an SPF for during the day, and one without for the evening). Add to that the face scrubs, the cleanser, the beard oil... I'm an embarrassment in comparison (not that I have need for beard oil). He even reminds me to take my makeup off before bed.
  8. We met on Instagram. I ought to do a separate post about this really because there are couples who've made national news by meeting on Instagram (they did get married within an hour of meeting in person, to be fair, slightly more newsworthy) but whilst everyone's finding love on Facebook, and maybe Twitter, we are an Instagram couple... which is obviously way cooler.
  9. We've had more dates in his van than we have bars and restaurants. In the early days, our relationship was all very hush-hush (because I was married and stuff, you know, semantics) so he used to pick me up on his lunch breaks from work and we'd go and get a take away cup of tea from a little café and sit chatting in his van. Good times!
  10. We've only been "away" together once. I fell pregnant within months of us getting together and life's been pretty hectic ever since, not to mention we already had three children between us before Quinn was born, so weekends away and holidays have always been a non-option. I arranged for us to spend a long weekend together, just the two of us, in the New Forest when I was about 36 weeks pregnant, and that was such a treat.
  11. I always steal his clothes. I'm not sure how much this actually annoys him. I mean, he complains a bit, but if he isn't joking then I just pretend that he's joking. Annoyingly for him, we're pretty much the same size. I wear his underwear if I don't have any clean. I always steal his socks. T-shirts and hoodies are generally fair game. I usually wear his pyjama bottoms in the evening. His hats. His coats. Even his wellies fit with thick socks... I basically dress as him. I'm wearing his hoody and a pair of his socks as I write this.
  12. We've never had an argument. We've faced a few difficult times in our almost-two-years. We've definitely upset one another (mainly I've upset him, actually...) but we've never actually argued. We're like, the most diplomatic couple I know!
  13. We have this thing about rain. Once we were officially "an item", in the Summer of 2014, there seemed to be Biblical amounts of rain. It didn't stop raining for that entire Summer it seemed. Some of my favourite memories are of the rain storms of Summer 2014. I have a photo next to my bed, which I took at the beginning of August. We'd gone out and it was the first time I met a lot of his friends, and the first time we'd been with some of our mutual friends "as a couple". We drank a lot and danced all night long and then on the way home it rained unbelievable amounts, it was some of the heaviest rain I've experienced in my entire life - like someone just standing above you pouring a bucket of water over your head. We were so wet it was just silly, we laughed so much. When we walked through the door we just had to get undressed in the hallway, I had mascara streaked all the way down my face, and I took a photograph of us both standing in his kitchen.
  14. We're both cat people. I have my two cats, Bucket and The Kitten - although I only has Bucket when we first met, and Boyfriend has a black cat called Elphaba. In fact, he first contacted me by sending me a photo of his cat via a private message on Instagram (clearly, it doesn't take much to win me over!)
  15. We're super tactile. I can think of loads of reasons that I think our relationship is a success, but we've never really stopped cuddling, holding hands, kissing loads, snogging like teenagers, slapping each other on the bum, and so on. I think the fact that we're very physical as a couple (and I'm not talking about bedroom antics) has helped us to stay very connected and content in our relationship. I definitely know something's up if we're not as touchy feely as usual!
There we have it. I'm actually pretty obsessed with him, I think as men go he's incredible; he's such a loving and fun Father, he works crazy hard at a physically demanding and highly skilled job, he's my biggest cheerleader - and super supportive of me in everything from work endeavours to parenting. I just proper love him. And his beard.

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