"She Looks So Much Like You!"

When I was pregnant with Quinn I used to fancy that she (or he, we didn't know that she was a girl until she was born) would look like her Dad. Seb has a very heavy dose of my genealogy, my large eyes, fair complexion and round face. Boyfriend however, is about as dark as Caucasian men come, with relatively small brown eyes that look black until you're right up in his grill.
Alas, it wasn't to be - once again, my DNA triumphed and Quinn has many of the same characteristics as her half-brother. Her eyes are blue, but the same shape as my green eyes - and as Seb's didn't begin to turn green until after his fifth birthday I suspect that her's might do the same. Her hair is somewhere between the softest brown and true golden blonde (not ginger, another disappointment) and she has my wide face.
Of course, like every parent, I'm only grateful that I have two healthy children, and couldn't genuinely give a toss what colour their hair is, or how big their eyes are; but it's funny to observe how much both of my children take far more after me than they do their respective Father's, and as such, could easily pass for full siblings. 
Since Quinn was very little people have commented that she looks like me, or like Seb, or like both of us. I do feel quite sorry for Boyfriend - whose features are pretty much the opposite of his daughter's!
It makes me smile how quick people are to try to find similarities between babies and one or both of their parents. Even if there's no particular likeness to either Mum or Dad people seem to find something to compare (I'm as guilty of this as the next person!) but I think I do have to accept a likeness between me and both children. Given how bright my red hair is though, I must admit that I'm surprised (and OK, slightly bummed) that I didn't make any ginger babies. I can only hope that that gene lurks and re-emerges in some grandchildren one day!  

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