5 month body update

A few days before Christmas, my pre-pregnancy wardrobe came down from the loft. This was mainly because I specifically wanted my Christmas jumpers, but it meant that I revisited all sorts of previously much loved items... not least of all a ribbed satin crop top, size six skater dress, and a selection of lace bras in a 34A... so depressing. Boyfriend laid in bed with Quinn whilst I hopped and wiggled around the room trying on all of my old jeans... none of which could go much above the knee.
Turns out, I'm neither a size six, or a 34A any more! Having had an epic sulk about the fact that for some bizarre reason I don't have chiselled abs 5 months after giving birth... I did at least have a chat with Boyfriend and set myself some realistic targets.
As Boyfriend quite rightly pointed out, I had a baby 23 weeks ago, and he wouldn't, nor would anybody else, expect me to have the same body I had before I fell pregnant. After he'd suggested that I shouldn't really expect to fit in to those clothes until this time next year, I managed to accept that this is going to take a little longer, and perhaps a little more effort, than my weight loss after Seb was born.
Since going vegan a little over a month ago, I've actually lost a fair bit of weight, so I know that things are already moving in the right direction. I don't want to be so obvious as to go on a weight loss diet in January so I'm just going to carry on with a plant based diet and lots of breastfeeding, and revisit my body in the Spring.
It makes such a difference having a supportive and loving partner in terms of post partum body image. It would be so easy for me to grow increasingly distressed and upset by the fact that I'm heavier and a lot softer than I ever was, but I have to admit, having him constantly talking sense in my ear helps me to stay grounded.
After all, my body gave me a healthy, active pregnancy, a pain free and straightforward labour and birth, almost immediate post partum recovery, and is still exclusively breastfeeding my baby - so I should really try not to knock it. I want to try to make more of an effort to see myself more as Boyfriend does, and less how I think he does!

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