Little Cotton Style: baby accessories review

Baby clothes are my crack. I'll be honest, sometimes I feel guilty about how much more excited I get buying clothes for Quinn than I do buying clothes for Seb; but the fact is - there is a lot more opportunity to be creative when dressing a 4 month old baby girl than a 5 year old boy! Don't get me wrong, I've bought some lovely clothes for Seb recently - but it's baby clothes (and usually from the "boys" section in shops) that get me excited.
Quinn's style is generally pretty unisex. Typical colours in her wardrobe are reds, blues, whites and greys - although there is the odd splash of pink (almost unavoidable in gifts and hand-me-downs). I love bold, colourful designs, the likes of brands such as Frugi, Maxamorra and Smafolk, although the High Street is really upping it's game and I've got some cute bits from Next, Marks and Spencer, Boots, and even the supermarkets recently.
We have several items that Quinn gets a lot of compliments on, and probably her most appreciated clothes are her hat and snood from Little Cotton Style. This set was originally sent to us for review and therefore I'm almost obliged to feature it on the blog, but the fact that the pieces are so lovely and that everyone is forever commenting on them - makes that a lot easier to do!
I was offered the opportunity to choose a set from the Little Cotton Style website, and whilst there are lots of cute designs (I have so many on my wish list now) - I opted for the umbrella print from their current Autumn range.
This is such a cool unisex print and totally appropriate for this time of year - plus the monochrome colour way pretty much goes with anything (even pink!)
All Little Cotton Style items are handmade, and the quality is incredible. The snood/tube scarf in particular has been through several washes already, because Quinn tends to dribble in to it, and it still looks and feels brand new. The cotton has a lot of "stretch" to it, so the hat is quite tight on the head but not uncomfortable - I've found this brilliant for when she's in the pushchair, as it stays perfectly in position, even when she moves her head from side to side - where other, looser hats tend to end up lop sided.
It seems to keep her ears nice and toasty and when she's wearing both items only her eyes are really visible, so it's ideal for blustery days to keep her face from getting too cold, especially in the carrier.
Honestly, without a doubt, these are some of the best quality baby items that we own, and I am poised and ready to order the entire reindeer set from the Little Cotton Style Christmas range, as well as a cheeky little bobble hat...
The umbrellas hat costs £6.25, the tube scarf only £6.00, which I think is brilliant value for a handmade item of this kind of quality.
Here Quinn is wearing her Little Cotton Style umbrellas set with some of my High Street favourites. The "ADVENTURE" jumper and pine tree design joggers were sold as a set from Marks and Spencer (baby boy's range) and the badger shoes are from Boots (also boy's) for £7.00.

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