Lessons That I've Learned From My Children

Being a Mum puts you immediately on a steep learning curve. How to make bottles of infant formula at 2:00am. How to exist on very little sleep. In The Night Garden. You're immediately thrown in the deep end when you have a baby and that's kind of a universal shared experience in modern culture. However, there are a hundred and one lessons of spirit learned in being a parent, occasions when your kids just teach you how you ought to be living your life.
Some of these came from having and raising Seb so far, and being a first time Mum, some from having Quinn and doing the whole baby thing as a calmer, and more experienced parent. Some are common to both of them.
  1. Pay attention to the changing seasons. Don't just photograph them, but live them. Talk about the changes around you, touch them, smell them, draw them, cook them.
  2. Everyone has a need to be touched; hand holding, cuddling, sleeping close to one another, it's all vital.
  3. People and cats, are a lot more alike than I thought. If human Mothers acted more like cat Mothers, pregnancy, birth and parenting would be a lot easier.
  4. The sky is amazing. Look at it more.
  5. Breast milk. As a substance. In-sane.
  6. Try not to taste food with your eyes before you taste it with your tongue - go in to each new food adventure with an open mind.
  7. Real intelligence can't be measured by academia, or by vocabulary, but by how hard you try to understand someone's feelings, or avoid stepping on snails.
  8. It's definitely OK to be a bit grubby.
  9. Say "yes" more often. Unless you have a really good reason. There's actually no decent reason to not be really noisy in your own house.
  10. Say "no" more often. Not liking parties is a perfectly good reason to not go to a party.
  11. Make friends in less obvious places.
  12. Do stuff in spite of the weather, not because of the weather.
  13. It genuinely makes zero difference if something is second hand.
  14. Almost everything can be a competition, but almost nothing should be, other than, well - competitions.
  15. The value of experiences is about ten fold that of objects.
  16. Colours have no gender.
  17. You remember the times you were showered in love more than the times you were showered in gifts.
  18. Make time and effort for three proper meals a day or you'll regret it very quickly.
  19. Accept change. Nothing stays the same but you'll still be alive if you keep on living anyway.
  20. Buy socks, pants, decorations, handbags, and food because they make you smile - not just because they're fit for purpose.   


  1. What a great list! <3 It's amazing the things we learn once we become parents isn't it?
    I think my favourites are 1, 2, 4 and 17. Especially 17. :)

    Here from #BlogBuilders!

  2. Lots to think about here. Wish my DIL would take note of 13!!
    Number 6 rang a bell. We ordered a meze plate on holiday and it had octopus and other unrecognisable bits on the plate but we just went ahead and tried it all anyway. Glad we did too as it was all delicious!