Week 11 Update

This week didn't get off to the greatest of starts - but I have to say it's only improved since! At this week's Baby Sensory class, Quinn decided to have a complete.and.utter.meltdown! Of all the weeks she'd choose to do this, it would, of course, be pirate week - when I had her dressed in the most adorable pirate outfit. We ended up having to miss the session as she was completely inconsolable, and I still have absolutely no idea what the matter was! As she isn't a crying baby ordinarily, it was completely out of character - the only time she's ever cried like that was after her 8 week vaccinations.
The rest of the week has been far more positive though, developmentally, Quinn's taken even more huge steps (not literally). She's completely mastered her head control now, and has moved on to wanting to sit up. Of course she's not able to sit unaided but propped up with some strategically placed cushions she's one happy little baba. Unfortunately when not propped up with strategically placed cushions she is desperately straining to pull herself in to an independent sitting position, which is becoming increasingly frustrating for her!
During one such sitting session she suddenly realised that she had feet this week. Cue the most adorable session of staring at them. She has a partial club foot on the right side which we're hoping either rights itself, or can be easily corrected when she's a little bit older, but what this does mean from her point of view though, is that she can very clearly see the sole of that foot. She spent ages just transfixed by it, slowly curling and uncurling her toes in amazement. Eventually, and inevitably, she tried to reach out and grab the foot, and missed. This has happened at least fifty odd times since and every time she is so annoyed with herself!
We're finally pretty much weaned off of Gaviscon for Quinn's silent reflux and *touch wood* I think we're in the clear with this one. She seems to be symptom free so I don't think we need a repeat prescription. I'm obviously very happy about this. However, what I'm less happy about, is Quinn's absolute refusal to nap during the day. I don't understand how a baby can function on no naps. She is sleeping every night from 8:30pm until 5:00am but once she's up, she is up. What's that about? Obviously I'm grateful for the shut eye at night, but it's rendered me absolutely useless to anyone during daylight hours and is leaving me kind of stressed, especially as I've got work piling up behind me!
We managed to get back along to the breastfeeding support group that we used to go to every week, I've missed a few for various reasons but it's such a lovely group, even though I no longer have any problems with breastfeeding, it's nice to go along just for the social.
I had Quinn weighed again yesterday and at 10 weeks and 6 days (let's call it 11 weeks shall we?) she weighs a whopping 14lbs and 4ozs! She's a monster! But a lovely, cuddly monster.
We finished off our week with a visit to the chiropractor. I wanted to make Quinn an appointment as now that she's mastered the head control, it's more important than ever to make sure she isn't carrying any uncomfortable tension in her spine. She was not a happy bunny after having a tight crick in her neck snapped out - but she certainly seems a lot happier now that it's been put right again!
Next week will be my last weekly baby update at 12 weeks, I'm then going to move over to monthly updates so that they don't get too repetitive!
Have a great week everyone!

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