12 Week Update

This post has been a little late coming, and all shall become clear very shortly - but getting content up on the blog in general recently has been a bit of a fail - so hopefully this post will explain all!
As promised, this will be the last in the series of weekly posts that I've put up tracking Quinn's progress and development, I genuinely don't think I can maintain a weekly post on the topic for the rest of the poor girl's life, so for the time being I'm going to drop it down to a monthly update post and group everything together.
I thought as the last of it's sort, I'd make this post a general overview of what life is like as Quinn's Mum right now, as much as a look back on the past week's events, which should make it a good place to leave before we pick up again in a months time.
Yesterday Quinn had her 12 week vaccinations, which included a second dose of the rotavirus vaccine (which is given as drops) but didn't include another of the new Meningitis B vaccinations - which was the one I think caused us a lot of grief at the 8 week lot. At 8 weeks the poor little mite screamed the flat down with a fever the evening of her jabs, and was generally really grotty and upset with them. I'm glad to say that our experience with the 12 week vaccinations was quite the opposite, other than an initial 10 second cry when the needle went in, she's been a pretty happy baby, with no sign of a fever or any poorliness - thank goodness!
We took Quinn to London for the first time last weekend, not that she'll remember that first visit. No baby-on-the-tube for us as it was the most beautiful crisp, sunny Autumn day so we parked on the edge of Battersea Park and walked in to Chelsea and South Kensington to take Seb to the Natural History Museum. Quinn was in her Cybex carrier though and appeared to have a perfectly lovely day!
The highlight of Quinn's week, if she were able to tell anyone, would have to be finally managing to purposefully grab her own foot. This doesn't sound very interesting, but she's been carefully, deliberately leaning forward in an attempt to touch her feet (which she finds fascinating) - only to miss by a mile and end up frustrated and upset. This week though, propped up against my knees whilst I was laying on the sofa, she managed to make a grab for her toes with success. I then popped a pen on her knees to see if she could pick it up, but her grip isn't there yet. She did reach forward and manage to bash the pen off of her legs though, so her hand to eye coordination and awareness of space and distance is improving.
She's brilliantly interactive now, able to follow people with her head and eyes, turn towards sounds or movement (if it's of interest) and wants to carefully study everything. She's also very vocal, as you'll know if you've caught any of my recent videos on instagram!
Seriously though - right now - being Quinn's primary carer is such hard work, compared to her brother when he was her age, she is incredibly demanding. On the one hand, she is breastfed, and like most breastfed babies, she feeds a lot more often than a formula fed baby. Yes; she sleeps relatively well at night, but during the day it can be normal for her to feed every 45 minutes to an hour some days - which makes it tough to get anything done. Her interest in the world around her, but comparably poor fine motor skills, means that when you're with her you need to constantly have the patience to show her everything, to let her watch everything, to stop and look at things, to pass different textures through her hands so that she can experience them because she can't touch them herself. It can be lovely, and it can be exhausting - because if you're not able to indulge her and encourage this curiosity - then she melts into a small ball of chubby rage. Whilst she's being held, spoken to, and allowed to look closely at every leaf, every person's face, every pattern on the upholstery of every chair - she's a very content, very happy baby though!
This enthusiasm for experience also means that she doesn't nap. At all. Not even for half an hour - presumably because she's worried about missing anything. Seb used to sleep for hours on end, whereas Quinn will occasionally nod off in her carrier (not the pushchair anymore, more on that in a minute) but otherwise, she is wide awake, and tired. She'll then finally go to sleep at about 8:30pm - having been up since before 7:00am. This is not what I'm used to and not conducive to a) getting any housework done b) preparing myself healthy meals c) pursuing my usual avenues of paid employment or d) blogging. For around 14 hours a day, I am on an unending cycle of breastfeeding and looking at stuff.
The pushchair has been made almost entirely redundant until I reconsider the carrycot structure. It doesn't lend itself to Quinn being able to see anything outside of the carrycot and as such, she is appalled by it's very existence. If I can get the seat unit to recline such that she is safe, but able to look around a bit more - I might have a solution, in the meantime, she goes everywhere in her carrier. The carrier is fine, I love baby-wearing so it isn't so much an issue, but she is insistent that the view be varied - i.e you can only stand still as long as it takes her to study her surroundings, once she's had a good look around, you need to move on. Standing still, be it in a shop, at a road crossing, to talk to anyone, to wait for her brother to come out of school etc. is simply not on. *Face Palm*
Added to the sheer work involved in keeping Quinn happy at the moment, is the fact that she isn't particularly fond of anybody. She likes her Dad, my best friend Sushi, and her brothers, but only if she's been fed recently. As soon as she begins to get slightly peckish (and that window of opportunity is very small) then she shouts at them. This does not lend itself very well to anyone actually helping me to get anything done, unless they do the thing that isn't dealing with the baby (fine for housework, not so much for blogging).
This all makes is sound bloody awful and it isn't, I have an incredible bond with Quinn, in part due to the fact that she's breastfed and probably largely down to her birth. She is extraordinary, her thirst for experience is amazing, she wants to take everything in, in infinite detail, she wants to see as much as can be seen and listen to every word everyone says - I'm pretty sure she'll be fiercely intelligent. I love spending time indulging this side of her nature because when Seb was her age he was always asleep!
Our weeks are relatively busy, whilst I'd like to be getting some stuff done for myself we are enjoying our usual breastfeeding support group, baby sensory, Sing and Sign, and local baby groups, as well as getting to spend time with our friends (by which, I mean people talking to me whilst I breastfeed!)
All in all I'm loving this baby experience and whilst it's the complete opposite of my experience with Seb, it's totally awesome, but tiring, so so tiring!
I keep feeling bad that I don't get to spend as much time on my relationship as I did before Quinn came along. It's pretty obvious that this would be the case, but because she is exclusively breastfed we don't have the opportunity to do the whole "date night" thing yet and leave her with anyone, and I'm not really sure that I'd want to anyway, it isn't really on my agenda this time around and when I see other people going out and leaving their babies it just makes me feel uncomfortable these days - despite the fact that I did it regularly when Seb was little! By the time Quinn goes to bed though, boyfriend and I usually eat, chat for a short while and crash into bed pretty early afterwards. Quinn's gone from sleeping until 5:30am to typically being up around 4, which takes far more of a toll! We're both tired and whilst we aren't arguing as a result or feeling any less close and in love, it's just difficult to make as much of a fuss of one another as we'd like, which makes me sad now and again - not to mention, Boyfriend is crazy busy with work.
Other than that though, it's business as usual. I had the wonderful news recently that my best friend Sushmita is expecting her first baby (she has two step children from her husband's first marriage) so I'm glad to be surrounded by pregnancy stuff again without actually being pregnant! It means Quinn will have a new little friend in six months time (insert excited squeal!)
We are coming out of the end of the dreaded 12 week developmental leap, or third Wonder Week - so keep an eye out for my upcoming post about that.

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  1. Gosh! As much as I love you and looking at pics of your bubs - I am suddenly feeling really lucky being childless - hahaha! xx