Review: Gro-light

I use a Gro-light when I get up in the night with Quinn. She's a fabulous sleeper and so night feeds are becoming less of a regular thing in our house, but she's up at 5:00am, which these days, is pretty dark. Those mornings are only going to get darker in coming months so despite the fact that she sleeps "through the night" , I'm still reliant on the Gro-light first thing in the day.
Made by The Gro Company (who're responsible for the regularly imitated Grobag sleeping bag system) the Gro-light is not to be confused with the Gro-egg (light up room thermometer) and the Gro-clock (light up sleep training aid) - both of which are Gro Company products.
The Gro-light is basically a fancy light bulb, but an essential fancy light bulb, and readers will know that I'm the first to be dismissive of unnecessary baby equipment. Anyone who regularly gets up in the night with a baby will be all too familiar with the unwelcome face full of yellow light when you reach over and turn on your bedside lamp - horrid. You may also be familiar with the stubbed toe, gained from trying to remove baby from it's bed and leave the bedroom to feed without turning on a light - equally horrendous.
Before I explain what really makes the Gro-light worthwhile, I have to mention that it creates a white, LED light, which is way way easier on the eyes; it's almost a blue-ish light, and when you turn it on you don't get that minute of squinting and all-round blindness that you do from being assaulted by a standard bulb. I can also sleep with the Gro-light on if need's be (if Quinn's being particularly unsettled and I want to be able to see her from my bed), but I definitely couldn't fall asleep with a normal, yellow bedside lamp on. This light is nicer on babies eyes, nicer on yours, and bright enough to feed by, or change baby, without convincing them that it's party time and they don't need to go back to sleep.
It's also a super handy nightlight to use just to check on baby whilst they're still asleep, as it isn't harsh enough to wake them up!
What really makes the Gro-light more than a lightbulb though, is it's dual functionality. Basically, you screw the GroLight in to your normal light fixture, be that the ceiling, or the bedside lamp, just as you would a lightbulb. One click of the regular light switch, and your room is bathed in a pale, moonlight-ish white light (lovely). There's a little dial on the side of the Gro-light too which allows you to adjust the brightness (brighter to see to change a nappy, dimmed right down once baby is latched and feeding).
However, you can also screw your bog-standard light bulb in to the top of the Gro-light; click your normal light switch twice, and you'll flick over from the LED Gro-light, to your regular bulb; as easy as that. I actually don't have a regular bulb in my Gro-light at the moment (which is screwed on to my bedside lamp) - because I'm more than happy with the white LEDs (they're good to read by too as your eyes won't get as sore as reading by a normal electric light source) - but if you want the option to have a regular bulb too (remember to use energy efficient bulbs) then you can.
If I stay away from home with Quinn and have to get up in the night with her I'm really angry with regular light bulbs these days! I end up squinting at her through mole-eyes and she's left blinking and dazed by the sudden beam in her face. At home, I can't see me ever getting rid of the Gro-light... even when she's left for university!
The Gro-light retails for anywhere around £15, although one of the cheapest places I've found it is Argos, where it's £13.99.

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