Review: Amby Baby Hammock

Boyfriend and I decided to get a hammock for Quinn to sleep in, rather than a moses basket, crib, co-sleeper, cot, or any one of the other baby sleeping options available. Our reasons were varied; for a start, we don't live together - so as our time is divided between two houses, we wanted to get a sleeping arrangement that was easy to transport, rather than have to buy two separate beds for each house. We also didn't feel comfortable laying a newborn baby flat on their back. There is absolutely heaps of evidence to suggest that a more natural, womb like position benefits newborns no end, whereas laying flat on a mattress can cause all sorts of problems - besides, what newborn prefers to lie in a crib than in the cosy cradle of their Mum's arms? Like most parents, Boyfriend and I wanted to encourage our baby to sleep well from the word "Go", so we researched options that would increase the quality and duration of Baby's sleep, and the Amby hammock seemed to have the strongest supporting evidence.
 I was already familiar with the Amby Baby Hammock as I'd had one for Seb when he was a baby. His didn't get as much use as I would have liked, as he was a determined front-sleeper and getting him to sleep on his back was a real task. I bought the hammock as an attempt to remedy the problem when Seb was about 12 weeks old, by which time, he was not only happiest sleeping on his tummy, but had grown used to his cot mattress. I always said that if I ever had another baby I would get the Amby hammock out from Day 1, and not put my new baby on a firm mattress. At some point I sold Seb's hammock on to somebody else (I think), so during my second pregnancy, I bought another one on Ebay for about £70 including delivery. They do retail for around £240 new.
So far, Quinn loves sleeping in her Amby hammock - I'm so pleased. She typically sleeps from around 8:00pm to somewhere between 1:00am and 2:00am when she wakes for a feed. She then sleeps from 2:00am-3.00am through to around 7:00am when we all get up. This has been her rough routine since she was born (though it varies by up to an hour in any direction), it is very very rare for her to wake more than once during the night. It's impossible to know whether she'd have been such a good sleeper in a different bed - but for now, the hammock is certainly working for all of us!
She always looks so comfortable in her hammock, and we have the added reassurance that it doesn't present any of the hazards that are common in cribs, where various bits of bedding might be used, not to mention bars that can entangle limbs, and non-breathable fabrics that can lead to over heating.
The hammock is one large piece of organic, raw cotton, with a foam mattress that hugs the baby's shape. The fitted sheets that go on the mattress tie all the way underneath, rather than just stretching around the edges. Because of the unique design, the hammock presents no suffocation risks, even to older, more active babies.
One of the most beneficial features of the hammock for our family, is how quick and easy it is to disassemble and put back up. All of the parts go in to a canvas bag for easy transport, and the hammock is up and ready for the baby in less than 3 minutes. Whilst the bag is quite long (like the sort of bag you'd carry a small tent in) it isn't too heavy, and so boyfriend and I can move it between our two homes without much hassle at all - and it'll be great to take away with us too instead of a cumbersome (and uncomfortable) travel cot.
Baby hammocks encourage the optimum sleeping position to greatly reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or Cot Death), whilst also helping with the symptoms of colic, reflux, restless sleep, short nap cycles, and flat head syndrome. Quinn's reflux gives her no trouble at all during the night, when she's in her hammock, and tends to bother her more during the day when she's typically out in her pushchair.
We love the fact that every time Quinn moves in her hammock, she creates a gentle, bouncing, rock, on her own, which often soothes her back to sleep without us having to so much as roll over.
Because of the hammocks womb-like design and self-soothing action it can significantly increase sleep duration, and babies tend to wake gently, and gradually, rather than with a start (and much noise).
I love the fact that the hammock is made entirely from 100% certified organic cotton, it appeals to the eco-conscious side of my nature - plus it's super breathable for Quinn, keeping her safe and comfy.
I recommend hammocks to anyone expecting a new baby - it's certainly one step that you can take to achieving a contented, peaceful atmosphere at home.


  1. Anonymous25/4/16 22:20

    Great Review Tom. Glad that you're enjoying the Amby

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  2. Prime Garden Heritage Hammock Package from Bizarkdeal

    I love this Hammock! It came in a very large, very heavy box, but my husband and I were able to get it into the house together. The hammock comes in several pieces - 4 for the base, the hammock itself, the pillow, and the hammock topper/blanket. It took maybe 10 minutes to put all of the pieces in it and climb in. My husband and I along with our dog were all able to fit in the hammock and take a nap comfortably together.

    Our covered patio area is smaller than we like now because the hammock is so big. I guess I didn't realize how big 15 feet really is. However, the hammock is easy to take apart and store away when you need more room for guests, so no big deal. It's really comfortable and is going to be a mainstay on our patio!

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