My Body: 2 months after childbirth

Hurrumph. Throughout month 1 I was pretty "hey, I'm totally chilled about this, I've only just had a baby, of course I'm going to be a bit chubby". This month? Nah. I'm now more "OK, I'm a moose."
Don't get me wrong. I still know that I'm not actually overweight. I still know that all women's bodies change somewhat after giving birth. I still know that I should enjoy my baby whilst she's little, rather than obsess about my measurements. I really wanted to focus this last month on getting my diet in check, and whilst I made a conscious effort here and there, I've just not been as organised as I would like. When I'm unorganised, my food habits are slack.
Boyfriend and I are absolutely determined to commit to making a healthy menu for the week on a Sunday, and shopping for all of the necessary ingredients on a Monday, and being fully stocked up, that alone should stop me from grabbing convenient but unhealthy on-the-go food, or filling up on ridiculous solutions like bowls of cereal.
I have realised that I'm actually very much a size 12. Below the national average, yes, I know. Considering that when I fell pregnant I was a size 6/8 though, it's quite a significant gain. I don't feel confident, or particularly happy with my body, and I'm pretty determined now to feel better about the way I look by the new year.
I realise that that involves as much addressing the way that I feel about myself, as actually altering the image that I see when I look in the mirror. So I want to work on a bit of active self-loving too, and taking some time to appreciate exactly what my body has achieved before I start slagging it off for being a bit flabby!
I want to completely wipe refined sugar out of my diet where I can this month, so most prepared and processed foods are going to be a no-go, that'll be my first step to blitzing the baby fat! I also want to treat myself to a few nice bits of clothing in the size that I am now - rather than promise myself things when I reach a target size, because I'd really rather work to improve my acceptance of the current state of things as much as anything.
9 months on, 9 months off, 9 months on, 9 months off (I must keep repeating this to myself!)

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