A New Blogging Chapter

"But Ashleigh..." I hear you say, "Didn't you say that you weren't, like, ever, ever, ever, going to be a parenting blogger?"
Yes. Yes. I did. I still don't want to limit myself too much by suggesting that I'm downing the lifestyle blogging tools and rebranding myself a full-on "Mummy Blogger" (though they rock, obviously) but I think it's time to admit that the blog morphed drastically during my pregnancy, from "a bit of everything" to being quite pregnancy heavy, to being a pregnancy and baby blog.
As it was a natural transition, and something that just happened, because I felt I had  a lot of half decent pregnancy and baby content, I'm Ok with that. What's more - since focussing primarily on parenting stuff, my stats have improved significantly, so... there's that!
At the moment, with life as it is, I'm happy writing about my experiences from a Mother's perspective; it suits me. I'm not saying that I'm never going to throw a recipe out there, or post something opinionated about current affairs, or the dairy industry - but I felt it was time to honour and recognise the fact that this is now, kind of officially, a space for discussing Mum-life.
As an acknowledgement thus, I decided to rope Jen from Magic Feather Designs back in to spruce up the blog and I've chosen to re-name. The blog has been "Ashleigh Lawrence-Rye.com" for a year now, and it was a pretty pivotal year for finding my own identity after my marriage split - it was fitting to dedicate this space therefore to my non-married name. Now, however *insert drumroll* welcome to Mother Hen - my brand spanking new (but actually exactly the same) parenting and stuff blog.
You'll still find all of the old posts, including those from pre-pregnancy - we've done nothing but move everything over here to www.motherhenblog.com so for you readers, nothing much has changed bar the name at the top of the page.
If you really don't feel the parenting content and it's of no interest to you and you've been waiting for me to go back to discussing, at length, whether or not I ought to be a vegan, you are more than welcome to offer me a freelance gig, in which case I'll write about pretty much anything, within reason!

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