9 week update

This past week we celebrated Quinn's 2 month-ness - 2 whole months since I gave birth on my knees on the bedroom floor - now wasn't that a morning!
We're so settled in to baby life now (as settled as you can be, I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm still behind on washing!) that I can't remember our family without her really. She's slipped pretty seamlessly in to the way we do things.
I haven't mentioned Seb properly in the last few Quinn updates but people still ask regularly how he's handling his role as a big brother weeks down the line - and I can proudly say that he's even better, possibly because she's awake for longer and responds a lot more positively to other people these days.
As I write this, Quinn is happily chilling in her bouncing chair (the one we bought her as a 1 month birthday gift!) and Seb is entertaining her (successfully) with a badger finger puppet. I doubt I could be more proud of him as a brother, he's wonderful, usually saying hello to her, in the morning, or when he comes out of school, before he so much as acknowledges me. He loves his little sister dearly - which is great.
So, eight weeks, is, as everyone with a baby knows, a bit of a shitter of a week, as it spells not only the onslaught of a massive developmental leap in baby's brain, which throws them completely squiffy for a few days, but it's also vaccinations week. Since Seb was vaccinated five years ago they've now added two new vaccines to the baby vaccination programme in the UK, one for meningitis B; making the UK the first country in the world to routinely vaccinate against the disease, and an oral vaccine for rotavirus.
As a pro-vaccination type (I won't ever comment on the anti-vax movement on my blog as it's way too emotive usually for both parties, so I steer clear) I opted for Quinn to have all the vaccinations available to her at eight weeks, which resulted in her being given three injections plus the oral shot. Poor little mite.
So it's only now that I find out that most parents who have silent reflux babies find that the immunisations cause their reflux symptoms to go a bit crazy for a while. Somehow this didn't come up in my pre-vaccination research. I'm not saying it would have changed my mind in the slightest but the resulting anger from Quinn has been pretty hellish! Quinn's reflux symptoms are horrible without medication, and we're now at maximum reflux (including some projectile vomit)... so that's cute.
It's also ruined her appetite entirely, which has resulted in blocked milk ducts for me because she's not draining the boobs properly... hurrah!
So yeah, that's been totally crap.
On a positive note though, she had her first shower and that totally blew her mind, I've never seen her so happy; I might just not bother with the bath for a little while. I just jump in the shower with her which is a great excuse for some snuggling skin-to-skin and a sneaky breastfeed and we twirl around, whilst I poke various bits of her under the water. It works for us at the moment but obviously - think about safety etc. Use a non-slip bath mat if you don't have a grippy shower tray... all that H&S stuff!
The weather has been PANTS this week and as such I've been reminded of the woes of pram pushing in the rain. For the morning school run I use the Cybex My.Go baby carrier to get about with Quinn, which does not come with a rain cover (boo!) so I find that using a large umbrella does the job enough to keep us both relatively dry. In the afternoon, I tend to use the pushchair (O'Baby Zezu pramette) with the rain cover, which is OK. I've bought new wellies and I do have a decent rain coat, but is there anything quite as gross as wet hands? Plus the Zezu has a foam handle bar which turns to soggy sponge in the rain and I don't rate that either! Time to think about waterproof hand options next!
Of course, when your baby is as big as Quinn, what most people want to know is what the Hell she weighs... and this week I actually managed to get along to the health visitor clinic to find out... . Fatty! Much love to my friend Monica for passing on some of her daughter FiFi's 3-6 month clothes, which now fit my 2 month old little beefcake!

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