8 Week Update

Well after our short blogging absence, this brings us bang up to date.
Quinn is now 8 weeks old, approaching 2 months! She is, for want of a better word, huge. I have no idea what she weighs as we were booked in with the health visitor for a 6-8 week home visit this week, but she didn't show up (what's that about?) - so Baby Weight Watchers will have to wait until next week. I'm guessing that she is well, well above the 12lb mark though, possibly approaching 13lbs.
Seb was a big chubby baby so I'm not particularly surprised to see all of these gorgeous fatty roles on Quinn, or that adorable pot-belly. Breast milk obviously very much agrees with her - and she's happy and healthy, so I'm a contented Mama!
This week I started taking Quinn to Baby Sensory, and I'm going to be blogging in more detail about the course at a later stage. I'm quite lucky that my friend Fiona runs the local Baby Sensory groups, so I had plenty of inside info before Quinn was even born (in fact, she was signed up to join before she arrived in the world!). She absolutely loved her first session though; which focussed on developing all areas of her early development through signing, music, texture, sound and lights. It's not uncommon for very small babies to sleep through some, or all, of the hour sessions but Quinn was awake, alert and smiling throughout, so I'm guessing it's her thing. My friend, Jade, who had a baby girl the day after I did is joining us each week.
We also went along to the Mother and Baby/Toddler group at Seb's school, which was perhaps cheating slightly on the baby-socialising front as the group is for parents with children at the school that have younger siblings at home, so everyone was vaguely familiar, even if I hadn't spoken to them before. These types of groups are quite difficult to get in to with a baby though as most people were there with an active toddler, who wanted to play, or get stuck in at the craft table - whereas I can only sit with a baby on my knee and chat over coffee! I would like to go back to the group but think I'll rope in some of the Mums I'm already friendly with at the school who have little ones, or potentially approach some of the Mums with tiny (inactive) babies to see if they'd like to come along!
This week we have been back to the doctors and our breastfeeding journey has taken another turn for the rubbish. Quinn has oral thrush, which manifests itself as a horrible build up of white plaque on her tongue (but is much like a yeast infection anywhere else in the body), she has kindly passed this on to me so that I have the infection in both nipples - yay! It's pretty darn painful - think hot needles in the boobs, constantly, all day and night. I was in a lot of pain with the infection initially but now that we both have medication we seem to be on the mend. Seriously though - this breastfeeding thing - it must cost the NHS a fortune!

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