6 and 7 Week Updates

As you may have noticed, the blog was down for a week or so recently as a result of some technical failings on my part, and some unresolved hosting issues, but now that I'm back online, I need to catch up with those readers who enjoy Quinn's weekly update posts!

At 6 weeks, Quinn's weight had rocketed up to 11lbs 8ozs, which was an excellent gain from her original birth weight of 7lbs 15ozs, especially as she's been predominantly breast fed. She's such a healthy little lady and it's great to see her thriving. We've get to have her weighed again, but I'm guessing that she's well exceeded the 12lb mark now and she certainly outweighs most of the babies that we spend time with. Seb was a big chunky baby, so I think I just make fatties! Her rolls are now incredible! She has several big chunky creases in her thighs and upper arms and great chubby wrists - not to mention several chins! We're now in the very ends of her 0-3 month wardrobe and I expect that we'll have moved over almost exclusively in to 3-6 month clothes by the time I write the next update post - though she'll only just be 2 months old!
We saw the health visitor for the first time, which I was dreading after a series of negative health visitor experiences when Seb was a baby, but our health visitor Lucy is lovely. Quinn was given a clean bill of health (as was I). We also saw our family doctor this week for our routine 6 week check up. This was way more thorough than I remember when Seb was a baby. As well as discussing my health, post partum bleeding, contraceptive intentions and mental health, Quinn also had a full physical examination. She is still doing brilliantly though and the doctor was happy with us both.
Quinn has been having medicated eye drops for a sticky eye recently, which we initially thought was an eye infection, but which turned out to be a blocked tear duct. Thankfully it's cleared up now and she's a lot more comfortable (and less gross looking!)
She's sleeping "through the night", which has come as a huge relief to Boyfriend and I, who are, compared to many new parents, very well rested. She goes to bed at around 8:30pm and then usually wakes up between 4:00am and 5:30am - although one morning she slept until 7:00am! This has been the pattern for the past week with one exception where she woke up in the early hours for a very quick feed, but ordinarily we expect to get at least 8 hours sleep from her.
Developmentally I can't believe what a different baby Quinn is now compared to the last update that I shared! She is smiling now which is probably the most significant change, but she's also staying awake for longer at a time and interacting with us all more, it's great to be able to see her respond to us with smiles and excited squeaking sounds.
Seb went back to school last week (much to his own relief) - which means my days are predominantly baby heavy! Look out for the 8 week update coming this week, in which we start several new baby groups to access some company and adult conversation!

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