Week 3 Update

Phew - Quinn's gone down for a late morning nap and I've finally got a couple of minutes to write up her 3 week update. It's not that we've been any busier than usual (although this has been my first week with both children since Boyfriend's gone back to work) - but Quinn has turned in to a serious Mummy's girl recently.
Woah - what is this?
I wonder whether this is due to her being exclusively breast fed, and therefore I'm pretty much everything that she needs to survive. I'm pretty sure she's what many would refer to as a "clingy" baby, but I keep reminding myself that a) she's only three weeks old and the world is a very scary, new place that she's entirely ill equipped to live in without me and b) she will never be this dependent on my again, she's the last baby, I'll never have to do this, to be this person, again, for anyone, ever. I also keep thinking how quickly this tiny newborn stage will disappear. I see photographs of friends babies who are around the 10-12 week mark and seem a world away from Quinn, and yet we'll be there in just a matter of weeks.
I won't lie though, Week 3 has been our hardest yet. Week 1 was pretty euphoric to be honest, Week 2 I felt incredibly under control, and then, Week 3 - was what I refer to as "a shitter".
It started with our midwife, Kelly, having to come back to re-do Quinn's heel prick blood test as they didn't get sufficient blood the first time, that seemed bad enough, but then the following day Boyfriend and I had to take Quinn to Benenden hospital to have her tongue tie divided. This should have been the beginning of better things, Seb came back from his Dads, and my breastfeeding experience was supposed to get easier. Unfortunately, the breastfeeding got much worse, I became increasingly tearful, anxious and irrational as a result of the pain and frustration - and I did at more than one point start to wonder if I was losing it a bit. The guilt that I felt at not being able to devote my full attention to Seb was eating away at me somewhat as well which hasn't helped my emotional wellbeing.
I'm glad to say though - we've turned a corner, and I've gone from being on the brink of declaring the end of my breastfeeding journey and buying formula, to breastfeeding confidently and comfortably. People kept saying "it will take a few days, give her time" and the more I heard it, the more irate I became because the next feed alone seemed like an impossible, agonising hurdle, let alone "maybe a week".
We went along to the breastfeeding support group at one of our local SureStart children's centres again and got some advice on positioning to improve Quinn's latch and we're pretty much sorted on that front.
Quinn's head control is getting scarily good given her diddy age. Boyfriend got an adorable photo of her laying on my chest, lifting her head to look over my shoulder at the window. She seems to be able to hold her head up and focus on something (usually a light source) for a considerable amount of time for a three week old, but then I don't really remember at what age Seb started to do these things.
She's also staying awake for larger blocks of time at once, which makes her both more enjoyable to be around, and more inconvenient to have about, at the same time. It's become pretty impossible for me to get things done - blog posts for example, because she's now typically awake for around three hours in the morning, and three in the evening - with the afternoon being spent on one-to-one time with Seb. I do expect everything to quieten down once the school year kicks off in a few weeks, for the time being though, I just need to keep winging it through the rest of the Summer holidays!
I must say it's been great to spend time with Seb now that I'm not heavily pregnant, we've had a lovely week working around his little sister but making sure that we still have plenty of time for Seb and Mummy stuff too!
After getting over our biggest breastfeeding challenge yet, I'm enjoying being a new Mum again, Quinn is such an adorable, special little girl, I feel pretty bad for getting so down about our progress in the middle part of this week, but at least now things are looking brighter! We're both happy again which is the main thing!
*N.B starting this week I'll also be introducing a weekly "What Seb Did" feature, as it seems a bit weird that I do a weekly post on Quinn's development and our life with a baby, but little on her older brother. He's a bit big to focus on developmental milestones on a weekly basis, but I'll be picking a few highlights from his week each Friday and sharing these instead.

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