Week 2 Update

I can't believe that baby Quinn is 2 weeks old! This was the week that saw her Daddy go back to work, and the two of us be discharged from midwife lead care - as well as the week that Quinn became an "official person".
My community midwife Kelly, who'd attended after Quinn's birth, popped over last week to administer Quinn's second dose of Vitamin K. Because we'd opted to give Quinn Vitamin K drops, rather than allow her to have the injection after birth, she has to be "topped up" with extra doses at seven days and thirty days. Now that we've been discharged from midwife lead care however, the thirty day dose will be down to us to give her (it's easy peasy as long as you can get her to swallow!)
Registering Quinn's birth meant that her name is now pretty official. Quinn Luther she is, we stuck by our original decision not to give her a middle name. Quinn on it's own just seemed like such a strong stand alone name, especially with her Daddy's surname, that it felt right to leave it as it is, and I'm still glad that we did. We're now the proud owners of a birth certificate and a little girl who officially exists withing "the system".
The best thing about having Quinn registered, is that it meant that we could register her with my regular GP surgery, and this in turn, meant that we could complete her referral to Benenden hospital for her tongue tie procedure, which is now booked in for Saturday. I'm dreading it, just because I feel so guilty that she's got to have it done just because feeding is causing me so much pain, but I know I'll be more comfortable afterwards, which will benefit her in the long run (who knows how long I'd be able to keep up breastfeeding if we didn't get it done!)
In her long running list of appointments Quinn also visited our family chiropractor to be checked over. I stress this so much to everyone but it's so important to have your baby seen by a chiropractor or osteopath after birth. The force with which they leave your body, not to mention the fact that they've had to maintain much the same position in your womb for an extended amount of time, results in spines and pelvises and necks that can be all sorts of squiffy, even if your baby looks normal to you. Poor positioning of these vital vertebrae and joints is often to blame for disrupted sleeping habits, feeding problems, colic, reflux, persistent crying, trouble with wind, constipation, vomiting and a whole host of other issues - sometimes just one visit to a chiropractor can fix a problem like colic that often drives parents to the end of their tether with frustration and exhaustion. As it is, Quinn doesn't suffer from any of these problems, but as she fell out of me on to her head we still wanted to get her checked over. At birth Quinn had quite turned in feet, which we were told would probably right itself over the next six weeks. Our chiropractor David however found that her right foot was struggling to straighten, the muscles in her calves were constantly active, stopping her from being able to properly stretch her leg out, and so she held her right foot up by her bottom (something we just assumed was a fresh baby thing and that's straighten out soon). David noted that Quinn's entire body curled to the right if she was left to her own devices, and traced the problem to her right hip - even when he held her upside down by her ankles (yep) her body still curved to the right like a banana. After a full chiropractic adjustment however, we laid Quinn down and she immediately straightened her whole body, including her bent leg. Just like that. Had we not seen a chiropractor this wouldn't have been bought up until a lot later, potentially until she had trouble sitting up or walking, by which time she might have needed far more invasive treatment - David thinks there's a possibility she was showing signs of developing a club foot - so thank goodness we got it sorted early on.
We spent lots of time with Boyfriend's Mum this week, which was lovely as she hadn't been able to see Quinn during week 1, as she was away with work. They've made up for it with plenty of Grandma cuddles since though - and Quinn's now the proud owner of her own teddy bear, which Grandma had made especially for her. She's a mohair teddy, and a complete one off - so a very special bear indeed!
Quinn had her first outing to the beach this week - which she predominantly slept through other than waking for a couple of feeds. Boyfriend bought a special sun shelter whilst I was pregnant to protect us both on the beach once Baby arrived, so it was nice to finally sit back in a chair in the shelter, watching Quinn's older brother surfing, with her snuggled up against me. I can't wait until she's big enough to feel the sand between her toes and the sea lapping at her ankles.
Once boyfriend had gone back to work it was a case of getting used to Mother/Daughter life without him during the day and I can, somewhat guiltily, say that I love it. Quinn's such a content baby we've been able to visit friends, go shopping, and get on with the things I enjoy, and she's tagged along quite happily. Seb's away on holiday this week with his Dad so whilst I've been all tearful about him not being here, it has meant that Quinn and I have been able to spend time together just the two of us, which has been precious.
I've discovered the girl's clothes in Boots, from their Mini Club range - which I'd never paid any attention to before, and have picked Quinn up several bits during the week as they have some great colourful options to break up the monotony of all of the pastel pink available elsewhere - and decent half price sales in all stores. Definitely one of my favourite places to browse baby clothes at the moment!
On Tuesday I finally took the pushchair (an Obaby Zezu Pramette) out for a spin as the weather was too humid and sticky to bundle Quinn in to her stretchy wrap sling. I ideally didn't want to put her in to a pushchair this early - she just seems too little and I love having her close to me, but it had to beat both of us ending up a complete sweaty mess, and she actually seemed to quite enjoy it. Personally I can't understand why anyone uses a pushchair a majority of the time with a newborn - they're such cumbersome things (the pushchairs, not the babies) - I much prefer carrying Quinn, but the pushchair certainly serves a purpose, and I admit it's handy for carrying shopping! For the most part though, we're continuing to enjoy babywearing over pram pushing, and I can't see that changing any time soon.
This week Quinn started cluster feeding - it was her way of telling my body that she's a growing girl and ready for more substantial feeds. In response to her constant feeding, my boobs started producing fattier milk in larger quantities - and now she's satisfied and has gone back to her normal four-hourly feeding routine - the teamwork between baby and boobs is quite incredible! It was a complete bitch though - if you read my previous post about dark-moments-with-a-baby (here) you'll know that the cluster feeding regime had me in in exhausted tears at least once. We're out the other side though, I'm getting more rest, and Quinn's getting big, satisfying meals. The hormone overload which came with constant feeding (an overdose on oxytocin isn't as good as it sounds) has also subsided, so I've stopped crying, other than when the baby manages to chomp almost entirely through one of my nipples - this tongue tie procedure can not come soon enough!
I can't believe just how in love I am with this little girl, she's such a tiny force, the midwife commented at our discharge appointment that Quinn seems to have the wisdom and knowing in her eyes of someone who's been here before - which I have to agree with, you get the impression there's a lot going on with her, there seems to be an enormous depth to her soul, given that she is so tiny. She also gives really good snuggles.

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