Review: MooGoo Mudder Udder Balm

Meet my new favourite breast feeding product! The lovely cows at MooGoo, a chemical-free skincare brand straight out of Australia, sent me a tube of this nipple balm to give my rather exhausted boobies a little relief!
Before trying out the Mudder Udder Balm (name still makes me chuckle) I was using coconut oil as a nipple cream - and it worked wonders, but I couldn't find a container of coconut oil that I could pop easily in to my bag for out-and-about feeding, and I also found it pretty messy! So - I wanted to use a natural, chemical free product, that was not tested on animals, and was entirely edible so that I wouldn't have to remove it before feeds, with a balm consistency that wouldn't end up running everywhere. Enter, MooGoo's lanolin-free, jojoba oil based nipple balm.
As well as jojoba, Mudder Udder Balm contains lots of other soothing ingredients, including shea butter and natural Vitamin E. It comes in a squirty tube, so it's really easy to use discreetly, and small enough to slip in to my change bag so that I can use it after every feed, rather than having to go without during the day if we aren't at home.
Quinn has shown no upset in feeding, even immediately after I've applied the balm, if anything she appears to quite enjoy it! It has a lovely almond-y fragrance, a bit like marzipan, so I assume it tastes similar too! The texture is ever so slightly grainy, but not in a rough way, and it's soothing, as opposed to uncomfortable, to apply - even when my nipples are already sore - the grainy bits are only unmelted shea butter, so they soon disappear as they warm up to body temperature. The balm also doesn't stain my breast pads and seems to wash out easily, it doesn't even seem to effect my merino wool breast pads (which are expensive and lovely) - so that gets them a thumbs up from me!
If I had to identify "negatives", then as readers will know, I generally prefer to use vegan skincare and other cosmetic products. I'm not exclusively vegan, but in beauty products, it's much harder to trace the source of animal products than in food, so it's usually impossible to get an idea of the welfare background of animals used to make skincare products. MooGoo Mudder Udder balm does contain honey and beeswax, making it non-vegan but it is suitable for vegetarians.
The product is also produced in Australia, which may be of concern to UK customers as it doesn't appear to be produced here on license - this means that bottles have to be imported from Australia, so there are air miles involved that may put off those who prefer to use products made in the UK.
I've overlooked the international production and bee-products in the ingredients list when reviewing this product and it really does work, and is an absolute joy to use - if you aren't vegan, and aren't too fussed about country of origin, then this has to be, by far, one of the most natural and baby-friendly nipple products on the market. It isn't tested on animals and uses planet-friendly, sustainable ingredients, so all in all, it still gets a lot of eco-brownie-points.
A tube of Mudder Udder balm retails for £9.90 and you do only need to use a little smudge each time, so should last. I've been using the balm for several weeks now and have barely made a dent in the tube.

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