My Newborn Must-Haves

From Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
Water Wipes - totally chemical-free baby wipe. Buy in bulk here.
Mam "Start" Infant Soothers - for babies 0-2 months.
Cantaloop Nursing Bra
Kari-Me Stretchy Wrap - I use this and a Papoozle carrier but this is my favourite babywearing solution for newborns.
Coconut Oil - a natural, vegan alternative to both nipple cream and baby bum cream - and twice as effective as both.
Tommee Tippee Baby Nail Clippers - must-have for face scratching babies like Quinn!
Boots nipple shields - because early breastfeeding days are tough.
Ewan the Dream Sheep - to establish sound sleeping routines. You need this. Find out more here.
Yoga Sprout Giant Muslins - For use as a light blanket, emergency change mat, nursing cover, spill mopper, sick catcher etc. Available here.

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