My Body - 1 month after childbirth

I don't blog about myself post-baby as much as I blog about the baby herself, and I can't see that changing any time soon, but I thought I'd write on a monthly basis for a little while, about my feelings towards my changing, and changed, post-baby body. It's something we all seem to bounce between not talking about, and wailing about with reference to how much we miss our tight sexy buns, so I thought it was worth documenting honestly.
After I gave birth to Seb, mine was one of those glorious bodies that "snapped back" in to shape within a matter of days, hours perhaps! As soon as I was home from hospital, I was in pre-pregnancy clothes and looking better than ever. It wasn't until Seb was about six months old that I actually started to gain weight and look a bit softer around the edges.
This time around I accepted that I couldn't just rely on the same sort of bodily function, whilst, at the same time, kind of hoping that I was just blessed with great bounce back and that I wouldn't be left with any "baby weight".
Unfortunately, it was not to be. At first I lost quite a bit of weight and squash, most of it in the actual baby, and when the swelling went down in my legs, ankles and feet I obviously looked and felt slimmer, but one month on, I still have an apron - I'm not sure if it's fat, loose skin, or both - that sort of hangs over my waist band when I sit down. It's hardly the end of the world, but as I had defined abs pre-pregnancy it doesn't feel right. My thighs and upper arms feel softer and larger as I stopped yoga at 38 weeks and just haven't had the time or energy to do it since Quinn arrived. I'd really love to go for a good swim regularly but childcare (or lack thereof) for a breastfeeding newborn is preventative.
On the subject of breastfeeding however, my boobs don't appear to have suffered too much. I'm over that "woah, look at my huge engorged breasts" bit (which was both fun and incredibly uncomfortable!) and now I'm just back to having relatively normal boobs - which just so happen to do the milk thing. Further inspection has revealed that I've gained a few extra stretchmarks around my bosom, to add to those that I gained when I rocketed up to a 34EE after Seb was born, but as I have no stretch marks elsewhere on my body I am trying not to worry.
One of the great victories of this pregnancy, has been my skin. I used to suffer from really really bad breakouts, I was never spot free, it was a constant thing, they were just sometimes worse than other times. Now, however, I ordinarily don't have any spots, but get the odd one that pops up. I don't know what this is about. This time last year I'd have described myself as suffering from adult acne - now, I don't even wear concealer let alone a foundation. Presumably this change was brought about by pregnancy hormones (I don't remember being spot free in pregnancy with Seb though!) and has just stuck around now that Quinn has been born - let me make it clear that I am not complaining! This is the first time I've had clear skin in 14 years.
My body aim for the next month is to plan an exercise and food regime that will allow me to gently tighten up my figure over the next year. I don't want to rush anything or go on some insane diet or bootcamp lifestyle, but I'm going to put together an action plan that will result in steady, healthy weight loss, just until I get back to a comfortable size eight.

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