What We Still Need To Get For Baby...

Ok so, I'm 37 weeks pregnant tomorrow, which means Baby is considered "full term" and expected to put in an appearance at any time over the next 5 weeks. I can confidently say that if Baby is born now we have everything that we need to get by. By which, I mean, I have towels and blankets, nappies, and a cracking pair of wabs. Anything above that is an "extra" (which I think we far too easily forget!) There are, however, still a reasonable number of "extras" missing from my Baby Kit!

So at least we finally agreed on a pushchair!

Here are the things that we (arguably as grossly underprepared parents) have not yet got in preparation for our new arrival.
  1. A pushchair Ok, this is pretty bad, we should probably be gushing about our choice of wheels by now. We do actually own three pushchairs/travel systems, which we need to rehome as they're not suitable for us for one reason or another (all bought online, second hand, and dismissed once they got here). We have now chosen a pushchair, decided to buy it new, and found an incredibly good deal, we just haven't, you know, bought it.
  2. A car seat This goes hand in hand with the pushchair really, but we've now decided that as the pushchair will get minimal use in the first six months compared to the baby carrier, that we're just going to choose one that isn't necessarily "compatible" with the pushchair anyway, as the number of incidences where we'd want to remove the baby from the van and attach it to the pushchair in it's car seat are... well, zero actually.
  3. Newborn vests These have been on my shopping list for weeks. I have loads of vests in size 0-3 months, which start from around 10lbs upwards. There's a possibility I'll have a 10lb baby (if you ask the sonographers at my hospital) but I'm doubtful, so could do with at least one pack of vests in a newborn size. I just need to pull my finger out and go and buy them.
  4. Ewan The Sheep Despite me believing Ewan an absolute priority purchase I still haven't ordered him. Baaa-d times.
  5. Products with which to wash a baby Granted you don't need to bathe a newborn baby for weeks after his/her birth, but I haven't even decided what brand of wash things to go for! I'm always seduced by lovely, eco friendly, natural, organic products, then I think "meh, don't need them yet" and buy food instead.
  6. A breast pump Again, I'm hardly going to be expressing on Day 1 so this can wait, but I still feel like I ought to have this, sitting there, ready to go. Bizarrely, bottles were one of my first baby purchases, despite my decision to breastfeed, and I feel like I need to finish off "the kit".
  7. Nursing clothes Ok this is an immediate requirement. I need to make some time to go through my maternity wardrobe and work out how much of it is appropriate for breastfeeding, and then stock up on a few extra dresses and tops to get us through at least the first week or so with easy boob access.
  8. Water wipes We've chosen to use Water Wipes to begin with for cleaning up Baby, though I may look at moving over to reusable wipe solutions once we're up and running. The most cost effective way to buy Water Wipes though is via Amazon so, we need to put an order in. Bit yawn though.
  9. Sleeping bags. It's hot, so I'm not sure that Baby is going to need an awful lot in his/her hammock upon arrival. However, I just hadn't found any baby sleeping bags I'd loved enough to commit to a purchase. UNTIL, until I found the most amazing merino wool sleeping gowns by Lanacare this week. Which pretty much ended me. I can't physically afford them, but they're just amazing (wails). So now I actually need to find a sleeping solution that I a) love this much and b) can afford to buy.
  10. Baby pillow spray Haven't got around to it.
  11. Knickers I need to go and buy some comfy, maternity pad friendly, pants. This isn't the sort of lingerie you can rely on your Boyfriend to buy as a gift item either.
  12. More nursing bras I'm simply in love with my Cantaloop Nursing Bras. I just need to buy a couple more.
  13. More muslins Always more muslins.
  14. Remaining hospital bag items This is really bad, the thing is supposed to be packed by now and I've still got stuff missing from my hospital bag! Hopefully I'm not going anywhere near a hospital until after Baby is born  safely at home, but, got to be prepared for all eventualities and all that. I need to go to Lush for a box of toothy tabs and some shampoo for starters.

For the most part I feel very organised (you should see my birth plan) - but then I put things in to list form and my brain melts. Time to get ticking off some of these last minute purchases I think!
Did you leave shopping for Baby until the last minute or did you spend the last few weeks twiddling your thumbs with a fully stocked nursery? Someone please reassure me that this isn't too bad!


  1. Ha, great post. I am sure you will be fine, don't worry. I was very organised..sorry, not what you want to hear. But i think you will be ok, fingers crossed. #mummymonday


  2. Wow I forgot how much stuff you need for a newborn baby! We had the pushchair and car seat bought early in the January sales. All the other little bits we bought as and when after baby was born, I used to send the husband out, luckily we lived right by the High Street so could get pretty much anything at short notice. You won't need sleeping bags until 4 months, but before then I would swaddle baby in a giant muslin blanket - you can buy them from TK Maxx - they really helped my boy get to sleep easy. Good luck! Sabrina (The Mummy Stylist) xx