Review: Pampero Whipper Snapper Group 2-3 car seat

After some discussions during this pregnancy, Boyfriend decided to have his work van converted in to a six-seater (whilst still maintaining it as his work van). I don't own a car, nor do I plan on buying a car any time soon (read: ever), and Boyfriend's only vehicle has been his VW Transporter, an ex AA van, with a seat for the driver, and a bench for two passengers. We've always got by, but we're about to become a family with four children, and sometimes, we're going to want to go somewhere, together, without using public transport (camping holidays for example).
Once the work was done on the van, which meant Boyfriend losing some of the space in the back for tools, but gaining enough seats to move our entire family around when we need to, we decided that it would be a good opportunity to treat Seb to a new car seat.
At five, Seb is required to use a Group 2 car seat, which is basically a booster with a high back. I'd been using an old one that I'd had for a long time (a Group 1-2) and we wanted to find something a bit more pleasant for Seb to ride in. What we didn't have, however, was a huge budget with which to spoil him.
It goes without saying that a parent's priority should always be their child's safety, and having heard some awful stories of children's cheaper car seats letting them down in accidents, I was slightly anxious about opting for a cheaper model, but at the same time, we simply didn't have £100+ to spend on something swanky. Whilst browsing online, Boyfriend came across the Pampero range of car seats, with a Group 2-3 seat (which will accommodate children aged 4-12), the Whipper Snapper, for only £29.99. I must admit it seemed a little too good to be true and I was certain that comfort and/or safety would be compromised, but we decided to pop along to our local Halfords store to see one for ourselves.
Long story short, we ended up purchasing a Whipper Snapper there and then. I couldn't believe how robust the seat was, how secure all of the fixtures, and being able to compare it in store to the likes of Britax seats which were more than four times the price, I couldn't work out why the Pampero model was so cheap. I've come across some flimsy, unconvincing car seats in my time, but the Pampero Whipper Snapper feels safe, it's super sturdy, and features deep side impact protection technology, and naturally complies with all British safety regulations. We tried it in the van, and realised how secure it was once the seatbelt was in place, and we asked Seb to test it out to see how it fitted around his frame - perfect. The back is height adjustable so we could move the head support up and down until it sat perfectly above his shoulders, and held the seatbelt in the ideal position to keep him safe, but also perfectly comfortable, as it can't cut in across his neck at all, and lays nice and flat against his chest. I was also really impressed with the amount of padding in the seat unit, there is plenty of foam cushioning which gives the seat a nice spring, and is significantly comfier than Seb's previous seat by Graco. I even squidged some of the more expensive models in Halfords and was confident that the Pampero would probably be the cosiest on long journeys, despite the smaller price tag.
We've been using the Pampero Whipper Snapper in the van for several weeks now, and Seb still comments on how much he likes it. It's the perfect height for him to be able to see out of the van windows too, and features cup/snack holders on each side which is a nice little feature for a cheaper seat.
We've been so impressed by the value for money that you get when you buy a Pampero Whipper Snapper, that we've decided on the Pampero Cherub for the new baby. Not only will it mean that the back of the van will look nice and "matchy matchy", but because I don't want to use an infant carrier style seat for baby (no need to use one on the pram, so why squash them in to something that uncomfortable for nine+ months?) it makes more sense to buy something that will offer us brilliant value for money (the cherub is £49.99 and suitable from birth until a child reaches seven-ish years). We figure that once Baby is finished with the Cherub - Seb will be ready to pass on the Whipper Snapper!


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  2. I have a cherub pampero child seat and it is rubbish. Just spent half a day trying to get the covers off and so awkward to get in and out of the car.

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