A Pre-Baby Interview With Seb

Seb talks a lot about Baby. He's five, so perfectly old enough to share in the excitement that is building the closer we get to his sibling's arrival, and whilst I'm sure many elements of having a baby in the house will come as something of a shock, he has a good understanding of what a baby is - which is a promising start!
I thought it would be fun to interview him on his thoughts and feelings about Baby's arrival now, when we're just a few weeks off of due date, more to look back on fondly than anything else, although some of his answers were quite insightful! Seb loves doing these sorts of interview quizzes so I'll probably do another one very soon after Baby arrives, to record some of his feelings at the time.

Interview with Seb, aged 5, 7th July 2015
How long do you think it will be until Baby arrives? Maybe some time in June?
Do you think Baby will be born at night, or during the day time? Day time. It's Summer so the Sun will be shining.
Do you think Baby will be a boy, or a girl? Boy
What would be the best thing about having a baby brother? He will be cute and make me smile.
What would be the best thing about having a baby sister? She will be lovely and everyone will say she's pretty.
What jobs will you do to help look after Baby? Pushing the pushchair, rocking them at night, playing with him... or her... whoever it's going to be, and changing nappies.
What songs do you think Baby will enjoy? Rock'a'bye'Baby (sings) Baa Baa Black Sheep (sings again) and if it's a girl maybe Baa Baa Pink Sheep?
What do you think Baby's favourite book will be? I think, Peter Rabbit. Fairy books if it's a girl.
What do you think will be Baby's favourite colour? Yellow! Or maybe rainbows?
What colour do you think Baby's hair will be? The same as mine.
What colour do you think Baby's eyes will be? Blue, like mine.
What is the best thing about babies? They eat loads and you can just keep feeding them so they grow massive.
What is the worst thing about babies? They stink.
Do you think you'll be a good big brother? (long pause) No.
Why not? Because I'll teach it silly stuff (smirks).
I'm quite concerned, but not surprised, at the amount of female child gender stereotyping in Seb's answers, which is 100% not my influence, but something he expresses regularly thanks to being at school (he hates pink and purple, doesn't like Frozen anymore because Elsa is a girl, and is convinced that no girls like superheroes, dinosaurs or football.) I hope we have a way to go before, if Baby is a girl, she prefers Baa Baa Pink Sheep (???) over the original, fairy books more than Peter Rabbit, and gets by on everyone thinking she's pretty!
His answers still make me warm and glowy though - I just hope I don't have to wait until June for Baby's arrival - and our chances of having a blonde haired, blue eyed baby are pretty slim, with me being a natural red head with green eyes, and Boyfriend having very dark colouring. Who knows though!
P.S - no amount of us telling him that newborns smell lovely is convincing him!
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  1. What a lovely little interview! I was just about to turn 5 when my little sister was born but I don't remember having that much insight! If it's a girl he'll soon realise that girls like 'boy stuff' too - she'll want to do everything he does :) #bigfatlinky

  2. How sweet (even with gender stereotyping ;))! He's going to be such a lovely big brother! Good luck with baby! #bigfatlinky

  3. Aww that is such a cute interview. I love reading things like this! :-) #bigfatlinky x

  4. This is so cute!! What a lovely boy and so handsome too!! Love his answers! xx #bigfatlinky

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  5. Ha ha ha I did enjoy this!!! Great idea for a post and I love his answers. I wonder if he'll be put out if the new baby has a different hair and eye colour to him!

  6. Love this. A childs insight on situations is always entertaining and usually surprising. What a great post to look back on in years to come. #mummymonday

  7. Aw what a sweetie! He must be so excited. I love the last answer - at least he's honest haha! Sabrina xx

  8. How lovely. This will be great to look back on. What a nice idea. #bigfatlinky