38 Week Update

Two weeks until due date! The week that passed was largely uneventful, and seems to have been dominated by the fact that I had a stinking cold. These germs originate from our Pregmoon in the New Forest, towards the end of which Boyfriend began getting a tickly throat and one of those achey bones kind of niggles that hints at the beginning of something gross. He suffered a short lived cold and I picked up the sore throat, briefly, before I appeared to have got away illness-free. But no, it came sneaking back around this week and struck me with a terrible blocked nose, angry mucus cough, and the kind of aches and pains that nothing can touch. I've been utterly appalled all week by the possibility of going in to labour with these flu like symptoms - I could just imagine me leaning out of the birth pool, with my face in a box of Kleenex, smelling of vapour rub rather than my lovely clary sage aromatherapy oil! Luckily - it's all but passed now and I appear to have come out the other side with no lasting damage, Boyfriend would tell you that this is because he "refuses to Panda to me"...

I've managed to still get several decent length walks in this week which I have no doubt has helped to get me over the poorly hump and back to my old self. The pain that I'd previously been experiencing in my lower legs seems entirely alleviated by wearing my Adidas EnergyBoost trainers - which wouldn't ordinarily be my Summer shoe of choice - but comfort has to come first. I'm still suffering with a little bit of swelling in my feet and ankles but nowhere near as bad as it was at the height of the "heatwave".

On Saturday I enjoyed an afternoon at the beach with Boyfriend, Seb and the youngest of Boyfriend's two sons. The weather was glorious and I took the opportunity to pop on my maternity bikini and show off some bump. There's something very liberating about being heavily pregnant in a bikini, I'm not horrifically body conscious these days anyway, but knowing that nobody is forming a single opinion about your body other than that you're clearly going to give birth soon, is quite refreshing. I was asked on a couple of occasions how long I had left, how my pregnancy had been, whether I was having a boy or girl etc. etc. but every conversation ended up with someone telling me how healthy I looked, so I can't complain!

On Saturday night I went for a bit of a "last supper" with a few of my closest friends - one of whom is due a daughter a couple of weeks after my due date. I decided, as I did when pregnant with Seb, not to have any sort of "baby shower", so instead it was nice to see some of my favourite faces, in one of my favourite restaurants (GB Pizza Co. in Margate), and afterwards we wandered down the road to Morgan's Dance Hall for the best non-alcoholic cocktails I've ever had.

Possibly the most exciting thing to occur this week was the arrival of my birthing pool, although we still haven't taken it out of it's box! I've rearranged the furniture in my living room to accommodate the "pool area" and in that regard, we're pretty much good to go. I can't wait to give it a practice run and see how big/deep it is, obviously I've seen pictures and I have measurements, but it's hard to get a feel for these things - it's arrival has certainly upped my excitement though! I've also received a new oil burner, and several essential oils that I wanted to use to create a lovely, calming environment in my birth (living) room. I went for clary sage as I love herb type smells and it's renowned for helping to increase the efficiency of labour contractions, as well as work as a natural pain killer, and also jasmine absolute, which is Boyfriend's favourite, and is also an aphrodisiac - not that we're going to be getting it on in the birth pool, but it should stimulate the production of oxytocin which is key to a successful birth.

If you read my post last week about the things I still hadn't bought for baby you may be glad to know that we've ticked a few small bits off. Still no pushchair or car seat but whatever - we're still settled on the models we've picked out, and we don't actually need either before Baby arrives, so I'm not too fussed. I finally ticked "newborn" vests off of the baby clothing list so that's all baby clothes now purchased and ready to go (I opted for some very on-trend vests in a mint and white chevron pattern, 'case you wondered). I also bought a few bits to go in my hospital bag (like one of those fold-up hairbrushes, the likes of which I haven't owned since school). We ordered (and received) a big bulky box of WaterWipes from Amazon so they are now done and I bought more muslins. I feel things are moving in the right direction!

I really have very little else to report, I'm just glad to be back to feeling my usual healthy, happy self. This coming week will very much be the week of final preparations - no, I haven't packed my "hospital bag" yet...

It's time, however, for some congratulations because I forgot to feature them at the end of last week's update. It's been a great week or so in the blogging community for babies, and first things first I obviously have to extend congratulations to Emma at The Freelance Lifestyle who's a serious shining light in the freelance community on the birth of baby Oscar, and also to Sarah from Sarah's Baby Scribbles (if you're on the hunt for pregnancy and parenting blogs and aren't familiar with Sarah's blog, check it out) on the safe, happy arrival of baby Olivia. Also amongst the blogger babies, a special mention must go to the much awaited baby Logan, whose mummy Alex, from Bump to Baby Blog was very eager for him to hurry up and put in an appearance (and looked bloody incredible, like, three seconds after giving birth).
Also congratulations to my friends, far and wide, on their arrivals this week, (clears throat). Alli on the arrival of baby Fae, Jade N on the arrival of Pippa, Madison who welcomed little Joshua, Jillian who snuck in earlier than expected with Oliver, Tara on the much celebrated arrival of (not so little) Jules, Vicky who - I'm sure won't mind me saying - finally gave birth to baby Halle after week's of threatening, Charlotte who gave birth to baby Libby, Katy who gave birth to her second daughter, Poppy, over the weekend, and Jade D who welcomed Gracie to the world. Phew!

Also - an excited congratulations to Ami, who I met at the local homebirth support group, who welcomed a little boy, Woody, into the world at the weekend - after the peaceful, calm homebirth that she had planned - yay!
Amongst that bunch above there are inductions, elective C-sections, babies born after difficult pregnancies and babies born after traumatic labours. There are babies who needed a little help after arrival, and Mums who needed a little help after delivery. There are premature babies, and "overdue" babies, first babies, and third babies. Babies who were welcomed in to the world after their parents had previously suffered miscarriages and stillbirths, and babies who plopped out easily after uneventful, straightforward pregnancies. They're all here by different methods and different experiences and all of them have very different stories to come - which is so exciting!

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  1. Hi Ashleigh! Congratulations on your (very) soon-to-be new arrival! I bet you just cannot wait - it is such an utterly magical time! :) Thank you so much for including me in your blog post and for your kind words. I was so lucky this time around in that I felt so much better after giving birth compared to when I gave birth to Ethan, my first. Though Logans birth felt much harder than Ethans did. I hope everything goes well for you and that you get to enjoy the last couple of weeks before your little one arrives :) xx