We need to talk about Mongolia...

I've been meaning to write this post for absolutely ages and I've just never gotten around to it. Oddly, very few people have asked about Mongolia, but I still feel I need to clear it up.
As historic readers of this blog will know, this September, I was due to fly out to Ulan Bator, the capital city of Mongolia, to complete a ten day expedition across the Mongolian desert, on horseback. This wasn't just a fanciful idea but a fundraising attempt to raise vital money for Mind, one of the UK's leading mental healthy charities, whose work is particularly close to my heart.
Rural Mongolia
Now, it goes without saying that as chances are, Baby will arrive in early August, it would be downright inappropriate of me to leave him/her at a month old, to go charging across the desert on a pony. It would impact somewhat negatively on my breastfeeding plans too!
Thankfully, the guys at Charity Challenge have been great, and my place on the trek has been deferred until I'm ready. I'm looking in to lots of options (childcare based predominantly) to allow me to carry on and take part in the trek next year.
If you donated towards me shaving my hair in November (thank you, once again) your money has already been received by Mind, and is being used to continue their hard and vital work - and it still counts towards my total fundraising amount in the run up to Mongolia, so please don't feel you've been cheated!
I've also been asked about The Big Walk. The time has been and gone, I was due to complete the walk back in April and it will come as no surprise to most that a decision was made not to continue training. I'd been building up my training to enable me to walk to continuous 72 miles between Margate and central London, and at first, had wanted to do this whilst pregnant. Unfortunately, it became increasingly apparent that with the early stages of sciatica, I'd be putting myself at greater risk by trying to complete something of this sort of scale. I've since been treated by a lovely chiropractor, and my symptoms have cleared up, I have a healthy pelvis, ready for birthing, but the strain of the type of training required to complete the walk would probably have been too much.
Rochester: en route from Margate to London
However, once I'm no longer pregnant, training will resume, it's basically my post-baby body plan! The walk will be going ahead, probably in the Autumn, and news about fundraising will be forthcoming!
Hope that clears up any questions people had about the charity stuff!

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