Packing for a Pregnancy-Moon (35/36 weeks pregnant)

I'm not really here. As you read this I've already left the laptop far behind for the weekend and am heading to the beautiful New Forest in Hampshire with Boyfriend. I have dubbed this, The Pregmoon, an opportunity to relax and celebrate "making it" to pretty much full-term with our little human. I'll be enjoying the sites of the New Forest on the 27th June, exactly one month before our estimated due date, and it seemed fitting to mark the occasion with a little "couple's time".
What is slightly less lovely, is the manner in which my suitcase differs from that of any non-pregnant woman, heading off for a romantic weekend with her beloved. There is no sexy lingerie this time, in fact, I'll be taking a Cantaloop nursing bra to keep things under control in that region (comfiest bras ever) and popping a couple of pairs of reusable breast pads in my bag too, because pregnant boobs are not for behaving.

Here's what's coming to the New Forest with me - the 36 weeks pregnant edition!
Hospital Notes
Birthing Ball
Cantaloop Nursing Bra
Reusable Breast pads
Comfy pants
Maternity clothes suitable for unpredictable British weather
Maternity bikini
Antacid tablets
High SPF sun cream
Big bottle of tonic water
Large sunhat
Camera (with fully charged battery)
Phone & charger
Micellar Water
Lip scrub
Lip balm
Perfume that I never admit is actually Beyoncé (which Beyoncé is apparently allergic to)
Avon Skin So Soft Dry Oil Spray which is the best insect repellent known to me (and smells nice)
Personal CD player
Hypnobirthing CD's
Books (I'm currently reading The New Experience of Childbirth by Sheila Kitzinger and Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin - both of which I recommend)

You can keep track of our Pregmoon Adventure by using the hashtag #NFpregmoon on Twitter and Instagram - and I'll be sure to share plenty more photographs next week when I'm home.

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