36 Week Update

36 Weeks! (does a happy dance).
I feel so very blessed to be able to say that we're only a month away from Baby's due date now; that in a week's time, Baby will be deemed "full term" by the medical community and that we're now very much getting ready for his/her arrival.
I feel very big all of a sudden (I'm not, I'm "just right") and a lot of everyday stuff has become slightly awkward, just hauling myself in and out of Boyfriend's van is an effort, where before I could jump up in to the seat effortlessly. Saying that - I actually managed a small headstand during my daily prenatal yoga session earlier in the week - OK, it was a mini headstand (with knees bent, I was too chicken to straighten my legs in case I fell flat on bump!) - and I started off with my birthing ball to get in to position, but hey - at least I know that my body is still relatively strong and balanced.
 I'd definitely be feeling pretty rough without the yoga; Boyfriend and I spent three days away over the weekend having a little couple's time before Baby's arrival, and I didn't even do a single stretch - and my gosh can I feel it! It's been making such a massive difference in keeping my body supple and comfortable, a few days off and I feel tight and achey - I've promised myself a double session today!
Now that we've reached 36 weeks Baby's movements should plateau, as they've gradually increased in strength and regularity up to this point. I'm kind of glad because I'm not sure that this baby could move with much more strength or regularity if he/she tried! I'm definitely experiencing a lot of "Alien Belly", where I can see Baby rolling about, or stretching out one limb at a time. I love it, despite the discomfort, it is, after all, a sure sign of a healthy baby, but I'd be lying if I didn't say it wasn't inconvenient at times! I've become increasingly aware of how visible Baby's movements are, and am pretty sure I gross people out slightly when I'm sitting next to them on the bus! Last night, Boyfriend and I went to the cinema, and Baby decided to wiggle about violently throughout the entire film, I'm pretty sure it was the base vibrations (of which there were many - we went to see Jurassic World!) as Baby did the same thing when we went to a gig a few weeks ago. Still - it made me feel slightly nauseous and I didn't manage to eat my sweet treats until towards the end of the film!
I've finally got around to putting away all of Baby's clothes. You'll remember weeks back, Boyfriend had bought Baby and I a new set of drawers each to begin preparing the bedroom - and yet all of the baby clothes had remained packed away. I can't believe how cute some of the bits we have are - although, rather boring, I realised I need to buy more first size vests. Yawn. Also baby doesn't own any socks... Summer babies don't need socks right? I looked again at our first size nappies, which fit babies as small as 4lbs (our baby will not be anywhere near that tiny!) and it made me slightly emotional (hormones).
Seb is getting increasingly inpatient. It's difficult to help a five year old to understand the sort of time frames involved in waiting for a baby, and I'm so glad that I put off telling him about his new sibling for as long as possible (for this exact reason). He came downstairs the other day and I'd already been sorting out baby things, and he got excited seeing one of our Mam milk bottles on the side - I had to explain that I was just putting the bottles away in the kitchen, and they weren't indicative of baby's overnight arrival!
I saw my midwife at the beginning of the week for a routine appointment. She had a student midwife working alongside her who was really excited and interested in my decision to birth with Natal Hypnotherapy. It was lovely to chat to her and see her enthusiasm, and I've given her some more details to go away and find out more about it. I had to have more bloods taken - bizarrely because I'm planning a homebirth, apparently they want to keep a closer eye on my iron levels than they would if I were giving birth in a hospital. But other than that it was just the usual measuring of bump (exactly 35cm) listening to the baby's heartbeat (about 120bpm strong and healthy) and checking Baby's position (still head down). My blood pressure was still low but I'm in brilliant health, which I can feel.
My next appointment is this week (again, it's a homebirth thing) at home, to run through my homebirth plans, make a note of any possible access problems and stuff - and basically prepare any paperwork at the midwife's end, before I am officially put on the "Homebirth List". Once I've had this appointment and have officially "booked" my homebirth with the midwife, the pool hire company are happy to send out my birthing pool, so that should be here very soon too!
I can not wait for this final month of pregnancy, I'm planning to soak up every second (as much as I can given that I have every intention of working up until and beyond my due date) and just hope that the predicted heatwave this week doesn't cause me too much hot, sweaty bother!

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