34 Week Update

Time for another pregnancy update! I can't believe how quickly time is going! How on Earth am I in my 34th week of this pregnancy? Just six weeks to go until Baby's due date, but Baby will be considered "full term" in as little as three weeks, and could arrive at any time.
The week was relatively quiet, but on Friday I saw my midwife, Kelly, for my 34 week appointment. As usual, it was a great, positive appointment, I'm so so lucky to have a midwife that I have a great relationship with - and who I see consistently at every appointment.
We discussed the hospital's assertions that I'm carrying a bigger baby, and I updated her on the fact that I was asked to take the glucose tolerance test and have been referred to a consultant for suspected macrosomia (big baby).
Well! Kelly has plotted Baby's measurements from my 28 week growth scan (which resulted in my referral both to the diabetic clinic and obstetrician) on my personalised graph, which represents normal growth for me, as an individual, based on my pre-pregnancy weight, my height, my ethnic origin, age and also Seb's birth weight. When plotted on this graph, Baby's measurements are slap bang in the middle of the normal range. Only when plotted on the graphs that the sonographers use, which base what's normal on a set of national averages, does Baby appear to be particularly big. As such, the macosomia has been pretty much dismissed.
Kelly also had a feel around in my abdomen, and whilst Baby has, frustratingly, turned back in to a breech (head up) position, he/she doesn't feel particularly large, and still has plenty of space to move around. My bump is measuring exactly 33cm (spot on).
I'm also very pleased to report that my previously "alarmingly low" blood pressure has now risen to the lower end of normal, and is no longer of particular concern. I also had the results back from my 28 week blood tests, which were all great.
So this week, everything centres around my second growth scan on Thursday, followed shortly after by my appointment with the consultant. I've also got an appointment with my lovely doula on the same day, to debrief from the consultant appointment and write up a final birth plan (all getting rather real now!)
I'll be spending the week concentrating on a lot of prenatal yoga to encourage Baby to spin back in to a cephalic position (head down). If Baby is still breech at 36 weeks we will have to start discussing possible birth solutions (usually a caesarean section is recommended) - but hopefully it won't come to that!
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  1. I adore these updates. I wish we had documented the pregnancy a whole lot more than we did. But blogging hadn't even occurred to me by then. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky hope to see you there this week