32 Week Update

Welcome to another Monday pregnancy update post! My 31st week of this pregnancy flew past as it also happened to be half term! I can honestly say as well that I think it might have been one of my favourite weeks of this pregnancy so far, for a number of reasons.
It was really lovely to spend plenty of time with Seb in the week, at five he has a pretty reasonable understanding of what a new baby in the family will mean, he's developed a real interest in all babies, on the bus, on the beach, in the street - and comments on everything from their clothes, to what they're doing, to the colour of their pushchair. He's also keen to point out all of the things that his baby won't be able to do (watch Avengers cartoons, play trains, count to fifty, eat barbeque food etc.) I'd thought about investing in several books aimed at children his sort of age, to help to prepare him, but he's pretty forthcoming with any questions or concerns that he has, so I've just been encouraging him to talk about the baby, ask questions, and I've answered them in a way that I know he'll understand. 
On Thursday evening Boyfriend and I attended our first meeting with the local home birth support group, organised and hosted by Rebecca Schiller, a doula, and the co-chair of Birthrights (the only organisation in the UK dedicated to protecting human rights in pregnancy and child birth), she's also one of the UK's leading writers on pregnancy and birth topics across the media. We weren't entirely sure what to expect from the meeting, I was simply keen to meet other pregnant couples planning homebirths (I know lots of pregnant people at the moment but none intending to birth at home), whilst Boyfriend was somewhat apprehensive about attending at all. We had such a lovely evening though, both of us really enjoyed it (none of Boyfriend's concerns were realised) and we're both so glad that we went along. The evening was attended by Rebecca and a second doula, Roz, as well as maybe half a dozen pregnant women and couples, and a lady who'd returned after giving birth to her (now four week old) son. It was great to hear differing birth stories, to find out more about the NHS services provided to support homebirthing families in our area, and to discuss practicalities (everything from how many buckets you need to stock up on, and what to use them for, to using aromatherapy during labour). We had several cups of tea, met some genuinely wonderful people, and came away feeling even more positive about our decision to have Baby at home, than we had previously. It's nice to know now that we have a small group of people who we can turn to if anything crops up between now and homebirth-day too. For anyone interested, the Thanet Homebirth Support Group meet on the last Thursday of every month in Ramsgate. I'd suggest getting in touch with Rebecca here if you want to know more.
On Friday I faced the only real downer of this week - I had to see the nurse at my GP's surgery for my whooping cough vaccination. I was never offered this vaccination whilst pregnant with Seb, but over the last few years, all pregnant women have been offered the whooping cough vaccine, ideally between 28 and 34 weeks in their pregnancy. Newborn babies are too little to receive the vaccine for themselves, but are at increased risk of contracting whooping cough, which can be fatal. By vaccinating pregnant Mamas in their third trimester, we can ensure that babies build up an immunity to the disease (as some of the vaccine passes across the placenta), to protect them until they themselves are able to be vaccinated. I'm generally fine with needles, but this injection did hurt a little. I felt fine and dandy afterwards, until several hours after I'd received the injection, when I very, very slowly climbed in to bed - as though I were wading through syrup. After sleeping for several hours I woke up feeling as though I'd been hit in the face with a multi storey car park. I was tired, achey, and felt slightly flu-ish, managed a little bit of a Chinese takeaway that Boyfriend had ordered as a pick-me-up, and then waddled back to bed with a very sore arm. My arm still feels bruised now, but I'm back to feeling perky. That should be the last of any needles in this pregnancy, fingers crossed.
I ordered two new nursing bras at the beginning of the week, when they appeared with 75% off the retail price in Boots' baby sale. Usually costing £24 per bra, I managed to grab two Cantaloop Adjustable Nursing Bras for £6 each. They are, officially, the comfiest thing I've ever come across. I think I'll review these in a separate post soon but take my word for it now, these are easily worth the £24 RRP if you are planning to breastfeed and finding regular bras uncomfortable in pregnancy.
This week has also been the week of budget supermarket, Aldi's, Baby Event, which I know most pregnant ladies have been fully appreciating. I popped in to our local Aldi (or one of our two local Aldi's in fact) and bought Baby's change mat, some sleepsuits, cotton trousers, and a light cellular blanket in a really pretty shade of yellow.
I also managed to find someone selling a set of Frugi baby clothes in their adorable bumblebee print on a Facebook selling page. I absolutely love Frugi baby clothes, though they're out of my price range brand new. So I was super chuffed to nab this set.
Baby has started to get hiccups this week - although they're pretty tame compared to Seb's hiccups before he was born, I guess there is still plenty of time for Baby to step them up a gear though! Movements on the other hand have been increasing in regularity and strength all week - last night Baby barely stayed still for 10 seconds whilst I sat eating cake and having a box-set binge on Season 3 of Scandal!
This week, I think I'm going to get the ironing board out, and iron and fold all of Baby's clothes so that they're put away ready for his/her appearance. We also have our first meeting with our birth doula this week - so I suspect that by the time I write next week's update post, Baby's arrival is going to be feeling very real indeed!

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