Third Trimester Shopping List

On Monday, this lovely little family and I will have hit the 28 week mark in my current pregnancy - which marks the beginning of the third trimester. It seems odd to think already that Baby will probably be here in the next 14 weeks, Seb was born at 40+3 so we're probably looking more at another 12 weeks in fact.
As well as a number of items still yet to be purchased from my Newborn Shopping List (which you can refer to here) there are also a few things that I need to invest in to make this final stage of baby brewing a little easier, and as everyone (except Kate Middleton - congrats to her and hers) seems to be pregnant at the moment I thought I'd share this list too!
Pregnancy Pillow
Ever since they started following me on Twitter I've stared longingly at the Pregnancy Pillows website - earlier in pregnancy I was adamant that I wasn't buying one when I could cope perfectly well with a normal spare pillow. This however is proving to be increasingly inaccurate, and I have come round to thinking I may actually benefit from a proper pregnancy pillow, as long as I can use it as a breastfeeding pillow once Baby arrives.
Perineal Oil
I'm bizarrely hung up on this - despite having no perineal damage what so ever after giving birth to Seb, it remains forever one of my more significant birthing concerns! Perineal massage however is largely proven to be beneficial in avoiding perineal tearing, and those lovelies at Vital Touch do a dedicated Perineal Massage Oil which is probably by next urgent purchase, preparation being the key to success and all that.
Hypnobirthing CDs
So far I've been preparing for hypnobirthing by reading a lot, and watching hundreds of videos of hypnobirth successes on YouTube. Now is the time however, at the beginning of the third trimester, to start actually practicing hypnobirthing techniques every day. I'll be using Natal Hypnotherapy's complete hypnobirthing package, with content specifically tailored to home birth.
I don't think I like dates. I haven't eaten them in years and tend to group them with figs and prunes (both of which I despise). However, the wonderful Flo Bouzekria, my friend and a local doula, pointed me in the direction of this article - which suggests that I should be packing out my third trimester with six dates per day. One study, on a small number of women, possibly isn't "evidence", but the findings of this study seem pretty strong, so what do I have to lose? Maybe I do like dates... if not, what can I hide them in?
Facial Moisturiser
I have oily skin and I have to admit, I can neglect to properly moisturise my face because I don't feel as though I need it (and end up looking super shiny) however, in pregnancy, my skin has done a total U-Turn. I've had no serious breakouts, my skin looks clear and healthy, and if anything, I'm beginning to suffer from the occasional area of dry, flaky skin instead! BalanceMe are one of my favourite indulgent skincare brands so I may be treating myself to a tube of their balancing face moisturiser.
Bath Pillow
Yesterday, much to my disgust, I discovered that laying back in the bath is becoming uncomfortable, as it makes me hold my bump in a rather awkward fashion. Where Baby is getting heavier, I now start to experience some pressure on my spine if I lay back, which I think might be allieviated with a bath pillow. I simply can not go the next three months without a relaxing bath, it's my all time favourite way to spend an hour!
With the arrival of my third trimester comes the arrival of expected warmer weather, we're now in May, the Summer should be almost upon us - in fact, whilst they do this every year "the people that know" have suggested that 2015 may be one of the hottest Summers in a long time. Hot weather causes most people's feet to swell, pregnancy also causes most people's feet to swell, and I need to think about appropriate footwear. As Seb was an April baby I spent a majority of my pregnancy whilst carrying him in a pair of Ugg boots that my Mum treated me to. Whilst I appreciate the science behind sheepskin being good in hot weather, I don't think Uggs are appropriate this time around (nor can I afford them) and so whilst TK Maxx are running a particularly good offer, I think a pair of Birkenstock sandals should help me towards comfy Summer feet (I've already attempted to wear flip flops and I can see the toe post being a serious issue with swollen feet!).
Maternity Nightwear
When pregnant with Seb, I only had a couple of items of maternity clothing, if any. It wasn't that I didn't eventually have a full term baby bump, but I was clever with clothes and as the weather was cooler, I seemed to get by with oversized jumper dresses, opaque leggings and the previously mentioned Ugg boots. This time, I'm bigger, earlier, and carrying Baby completely differently, which has meant that non-maternity clothes are often genuinely uncomfortable or already look ridiculous. One thing I've yet to get myself though are some comfy maternity PJ's, which I think will come in handy over the next few months.
Did you find there was anything that came in super useful in the past few months of your pregnancy? Please leave me any tips!


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  1. Anonymous2/5/15 14:24

    Lara was born in August last year and I found a spray bottle to be an essential over the last few weeks as it got really warm!! :) Oh and some nice hair bands and bobbles because as a fat sweaty mess I wanted my hair off my face but still like to feel like I'd 'made an effort!'