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I've mentioned my new EcoEgg detergent replacement a couple of times since Boyfriend bought it at Grand Designs Live last week.
I've used it for many washes since, including my pre-loved reusable nappies, the fabrics from my grubby second-hand pushchair, and a pair of lovely trousers belonging to Seb, which he'd managed to stain. This time around I'm going to review the product and then explain in more detail what it is and how it works.
  • I used the EcoEgg to wash a set of bamboo nappies, which had been dyed by hand by their previous owner. Whilst some of the colour was visible in the water in the machine, the EcoEgg really worked to lock it in and the nappies were as vibrant once dry as they were when they went in. These were fluffy night time nappies which are now even fluffier and softer than when they went in - with no fabric conditioner/softener.
  • I used the EcoEgg to wash a load of pre-loved, white, reusable nappy inserts, liners and boosters, of various fabrics including cotton microfiber, terry towelling, bamboo and hemp, some very badly stained. After two washes with no separate stain remover what so ever - all of the pieces were returned to bright white.
  • I used the EcoEgg in a mixed colour wash, including a pair of navy blue chinos that Seb had stained badly across both knees (previously washed on a relatively high temperature with stain remover with no success) - in one 30 degree wash with no stain remover, the EcoEgg removed the stains completely.
  • I used the EcoEgg to wash all of the fabrics from my new (to me) Bebe Confort Loola pushchair, including the pale beige and grey fabrics on the carry cot, and black fabrics from the seat unit - all of which were heavily stained - they've come up "as new".
Needless to say I'm impressed with the EcoEgg's performance - so what is it?
The egg itself is nothing special, just a plastic egg made up of two halves which slot together and lock in to place. The magic comes from inside, as you fill the plastic egg with a mixture of mineral pellets, and a sachet of tourmaline pellets. The mineral pellets naturally ionize the oxygen in the water of your washing machine, which lifts away dirt from the fabric, without fading colours or damaging the fibres - and with no detergent at all. Tourmaline has been proven to weaken the adhesive bond between dirt (especially stains) and fabric fibres. Scientific testing has found that using these two different minerals together in a wash, is significantly more successful than other washing aids. It's so effective that it doesn't require the use of fabric conditioner (although it's performance isn't effected if you choose to use one anyway).
For me, the EcoEgg has four winning factors:
  1. It works, better than any detergent that I've used, either budget or expensive brands. It's really tough on stains, without the need for chemicals.
  2. It's so much better for the environment. For a start, when you buy an egg, you'll receive enough pellets to last the average family three years (that's 720 washes). That's saving a LOT of washing powder, gel, or tablets and fabric conditioner from being manufactured and transported, and packaging disposed of (the Eco Egg comes in a 100% recyclable cardboard outer). Because there is no detergent being used, there are no chemicals what so ever entering the waste water system as a result of washing with an EcoEgg. Because there is no product actually entering the water, you also don't need to use an extra rinse setting on your wash. Some machines have a "Rinse Hold" option so that you can bypass the additional rinse in your wash altogether, cutting wash time, and energy and water use.
  3. It's so much better for your skin. The EcoEgg is recommended by The National Eczema Society and Allergy UK as being the safest laundry product for those with incredibly sensitive skin, and is recommended by Prima Mother and Baby and the Reusable Nappy Association as the best laundry product for use on a newborn's clothes and nappies.
  4. It's amazing value. An EcoEgg with enough pellets to last 3 years, costs £19.99. That's less than £20.00 for all of your laundry products over three years. You don't have to be particularly great at arithmetic to work out that even if you're using the cheapest detergent and fabric conditioner - swapping to an EcoEgg will make a significant saving. Because it's better for your fabrics too, keeping them soft for longer, and locking in colours, your clothes, towels, bedding etc. will also last a lot longer, needing to be replaced less often.
If I had just one piece of advice for this year - it would be to make the swap from detergent washing to an EcoEgg - you'll save loads of money, get a better wash every single time, and know that you're not putting any harmful chemicals on to your family's skin, or in to the environment - I honestly can't find a single fault with the thing...

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