Product Review: Sanctuary Spa, Mum To Be 2-in-1 Shower Cream

Typically I find Mum-To-Be bath products unnecessarily expensive, given that there are plenty of nourishing, moisturising treats on the general market, not aimed at pregnant women, but with similar ingredients at a fraction of the price. Do you need a "special" shower gel when pregnant? No, of course you don't. Will it make any difference to your pregnancy experience if you buy a bog standard body moisturiser? Unlikely.
Sanctuary are however a particularly lovely (albeit expensive) cruelty-free brand, and I've used and enjoyed a number of their products before - this particular shower cream would usually retail at £6.50, either from Sanctuary themselves, or from Boots, and upwards of £7 elsewhere online. That to me, is a lot to spend on soap, but I recently picked up a full sized bottle for £1 from Saver's (result). Which is how it's come to find it's way on to my blog for review.

 The 2-in-1 element of this product is based on it's claim to act as an "in-shower" moisturiser, as well as a cleanser.
When showering with this stuff for the first time I was rather struck by the overpowering smell of Nana. The perfume has an unavoidable honk of Lily-of-the-Valley and talc, with that undertone of rose that you'll either love or hate depending on whereabouts your bum is parked on the floral-fragrance bench. For me, I don't hate the fragrance and you can't smell a trace of it on your skin after showering, so it's only an in-shower experience on the smell front anyway.
The best thing about this shower cream is the lather - I use with a shower puff and you do get a really good mass of creamy bubbles. Once applied with the puff, the bubbles transform in to a rich silky layer when massaged in to the skin by hand, and definitely give a super moisturised, luxurious texture.
After showering my skin feels soft and smooth and I find I don't need to apply another body moisturiser immediately after showering (I do still apply a stretch cream to bump before bed). This is especially nice if, like me, you tend to shower, dress and run out of the door, and are limited on time to stick to a full body moisturising routine every day.
I have naturally quite oily and very elastic skin (second pregnancy, no stretch marks to report as yet) so I don't know how it would fair on dry or problem skin as a stand alone moisturiser. I have however felt that the skin on my legs in particular has been tight and itchy after showering and shaving, and washing with this has made a real difference in that regard.
For £1 I would recommend this as a regular shower product, especially given that it's a cruelty-free alternative to a lot of the in-shower moisturisers on the market from the likes of Vaseline and Nivea. Even if you're not an expectant Mum, it's a nice Vitamin-E pumped product for soft skin on a budget. It's a totally gorgeous shower gel for a quid.
At £6.50 however, I'd give it a miss, yes it does the job, and it feels lovely to use, but there are a lot of far cheaper bottles of gloop out there that are no doubt as good. This is a typical price to pay for a Sanctuary shower product (their 12 hour moisturising shower cream is the same price and not marketed at pregnant women) - but a bit much for me.

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