Introducing... My Family Today

Families are funny things right? Seb has a library book at the moment entitled "The Big Book of Families" which appears to be predominantly aimed at children from non nuclear families to reassure them that their situation is OK. It has content such as "Some families are big, and some families are small - you can be a family with only two people" (accompanied by a picture of a young girl and her Father).
Growing up, I was the only child of married parents. When my Dad died my Mum later remarried, and I lived with her, my step dad, and one of my three Step Brothers, whilst the other two step brothers lived with their own Mum, and their maternal Grandmother. When my son was born, it was just the two of us for a while until we moved in with my husband, who'd later take the roll of his Father. When my marriage failed and we separated, I moved in to my current flat with my child, who visits his Dad regularly. Boyfriend has his own house and we've decided not to live together, predominantly because he has two older children, one of whom stays infrequently and is usually at his Mum's place, and the other who stays with Boyfriend every weekend. Then of course, there's a new baby on the way, a half brother or sister for my son, and for Boyfriend's two boys (who already have one half sister, their Mum's daughter.) Phew!
Today I thought I'd introduce my readers to my family of today. I know there are a quite a few of you that have only started reading recently when I began posting more pregnancy and parenting related content and some of the most frequently mentioned characters may not be familiar to everyone!
Sebastian - Seb
It was Seb's fifth birthday yesterday! I gave birth to him when I was 22 (which I consider to be pretty young for birthing), months after his biological Father and I had decided to go our separate ways (for entirely unrelated reasons). Because throughout my pregnancy I had to adjust to the idea that I would be a single Mummy from the first day, I think I probably share an especially close connection with Seb, we're great pals. When he was still a baby we moved in with the man who'd later become my husband, and Seb's Dad. Whilst my marriage didn't work out, Seb still splits his time between me and his Daddy's place nearby. Single parenting is bloody tough when you're sharing custody of a child, especially when you're as close to that child as I consider myself to be to Seb, I don't write in depth about these experiences but they're referenced here and there. Seb is an incredibly caring child, sensitive beyond belief, inquisitive, observant, he's a daydreamer, imaginative, but with a strong mind. He's physically tactile, always one for cuddles and kisses. At the moment Seb's in his Reception year of infant school, he has horse riding lessons, loves to swim, and is pretty passionate about scooters.
Brad - Boyfriend
I didn't mention Boyfriend a lot until relatively recently. Now he gets regular mentions, probably because Bump gets lots of mentions, but for some he's still something of an enigma. We've only known one another for a year, which when you consider the fact that I'm 6 months pregnant, makes our relationship something of a whirlwind by most people's standards! In many ways he's my total opposite, whilst I'm creative and wordy and make a living from my creativity, he's a builder (and carpenter, and plumber, and kitchen fitter) and makes a living from building actual things. He's naturally cynical, where I'm predisposed to whimsical optimism, and he's a quiet and brooding soul in social situations, where I'm... well... involved. He surfs, I don't surf. But we're the same on many levels too, we have the same humour, the same attitudes towards lifestyle, parenting and food. We have the same favourite colour (orange) and our birthdays are precisely 6 months apart. We had the same symptoms of a mysterious undiagnosed illness in our early teens - although those early teens were 13 years apart. We both have cats and awkwardly non-existent relationships with one of our parents. Oh and we're having a baby this year. Whilst we don't live together, I still consider Boyfriend to be with me at the centre of this growing little family (and Seb included him in a drawing of the "Family Tree", so that's that!)
The As Yet Un-Named Baby
Boyfriend and I are expecting a baby at the end of July/beginning of August this year. We decided almost immediately not to find out at later scans the gender of our new human, so as yet we have no idea whether the latest addition is male or female, and as such, he/she has no name. Needless to say my current pregnancy came as a huge surprise, and at first, caused more heartache and anguish than I'm ever likely to disclose in great detail, however, after we'd got our heads around the fact that after knowing one another for only six months, and being together as a couple for just three, we'd accidentally conceived a child, we were oddly optimistic. Now Baby is a huge part of what I consider to be family - he/she could be the fourth boy, a brother for Boyfriend's two sons, and for Seb - or, this could be the first daughter for both of us - who knows! I post weekly pregnancy updates here on the blog every Monday if you'd like to stay up to date on Un-Named Baby's progress.
Inspector Bucket & The Kitten - The Cats
I have two cats, and what's family without including the pets? Both cats were rescued as kittens, Bucket at about five months old and The Kitten at about three. Bucket is a cuddly and sociable gentleman, a devastatingly attractive one at that. The Kitten has never been given a name, as such, though Seb refers to him as Burger. I'm afraid "The Kitten" has rather stuck for me. He's black, terrified of almost everyone but me, scatty, bad mannered, and he snores.
These guys are all awesome in their own way, even the Un-Named Baby, who does very little but kick me from the inside out and sap me of any energy that I might otherwise be able to muster. Even The Kitten who has eaten my new houseplant. Even Bucket who knocks at my bedroom door at 5:00am because The Kitten has eaten all of the cat food during the night. Even Seb, who is fundamentally lazy, with all of the selfishness that one can expect from a recently-turned-five-year-old, and the selective hearing to go with it. And even boyfriend, who once bought himself chocolate and ate it on the walk home from the shop so that I wouldn't know that he hadn't bought me any.


  1. Wow! What an eclectic mix and you're really making it work. I have a big family and it's the best.

    I'm off to mooch the rest of your blog!

    Melly xo

  2. Hi Ashleigh! I’m also doing BEDM and I thought I’d try and come and visit everyone at some point (ahgh, can’t do 100 people in a day so you’re one of the first!) It's lovely to hear about your family, it is obvious the love you have for your son. He sounds the type of child I just adore (I am a teacher)- I love dreamy imaginative little boys, they are a special breed. Lovely to meet you.xx