A Hair Update

If you didn't realise, back in November, I shaved off all of my hair to raise money for Mind, the mental health charity. You can read about the head-shaving party and see photos here.
Quite often, people on Twitter, or friends that I don't see often, ask for updates on the hair situation so I thought it would be nice to share some photos here, about 6 months on! My hair has been growing at a fantastic rate, thanks in part to the fact that I fell pregnant a week before shaving it all off! The maintenance, as I'm sure anyone with short hair will agree, however, is a killer! If I just left it to grow on it's own it would be a lot longer by now, but would also look horrific!
Luckily the lovely team at Evolve Salon & Wellness Spa in Broadstairs have been looking after my rather demanding head ever since. At one point I was needing to trim my hair every two weeks just to keep it in check, but after my last cut, I decided to leave it six weeks to see if I could break the hair hump, and get a little bit of extra length (and therefore style) in to it. Believe me, it was terrible. Here are some photos after six weeks without attention:

However; last week, having managed to grow all of those extra tufts and curls, the lovely Nikki at Evolve got her scissors out and for the first time - didn't need to use clippers on my hair. So here are some photos of it's first proper scissor cut. The plan now is to keep growing the top long so that by the end of the Summer I have a lovely sweeping fringe across the front.


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