31 Week Update

Wow - we're now in the single figure countdown! Just nine weeks to go until Baby's estimated due date. I must say though, I've made a conscious effort not to get to hung up on the date itself. Seb was born at 40 weeks and 3 days, "3 days late" as many would call it, but I'm aware that a baby is born at term anywhere between 37 and 42 weeks, perhaps even later, so we actually have anywhere from 6 to 11 weeks in which to expect Baby to make a safe arrival.
As you'll already know if you read my two posts over the weekend (Natal Hypnotherapy Home Study and My Pregnancy and Birth Profile) this week I had some exciting mail from the guys at Natal Hypnotherapy. It's meant that I can now start properly preparing for Baby's hypnobirth by listening to the specific birth preparation CDs and pregnancy relaxation tracks. Keep an eye out for future reviews!
Despite not suffering with the same horrific heartburn that I was plagued with in my last pregnancy, I am really suffering with annoying acid reflux. This is by no means as bad as the heartburn - but pretty disgusting none the less, so I've started taking antacid mints which so far are keeping it under control. As it's caused by the effects of the hormone, relaxin, on the valves in my stomach - a hormone which is released in larger doses as pregnancy progresses - I can only expect it to get worse unfortunately.
Other than this I've been feeling pretty darn' good, but boy is this baby getting big! I now suffer with simultaneous kicks to the ribs and headbutts to the pelvis - which have the ability to stop me in my tracks completely!
Boyfriend put up the Malm units that he bought Baby and I from IKEA this week, so I now have somewhere to put all of Baby's clothes (which I'm gradually working through and getting washed and folded) - and one of my next jobs is to start preparing a changing area for Baby on top.
Seb got to feel his baby brother or sister move for the first time this week, Boyfriend has been feeling baby for months now, but until the movements got really strong I doubted that Seb would know what he was feeling for. His little face lit up though and he burst out laughing, declaring that Baby had given him a "High Five" (it was a knee actually I think but never mind!) - probably one of my favourite moments from my pregnancy so far!

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