30 Week Update

That's right - week 30! Only 10 more weeks to go until, in theory, our little bundle of squash will be arriving.
This week I decided to make a little bit more effort to pamper myself slightly. I'm carefully budgeting to pay for baby bits here and there, as well as having recently had Seb's and Boyfriend's birthdays to cover, and it occurred to me that I hadn't had my hair cut in absolutely ages. So this week I had a good trim, got my eyebrows threaded, bought some nice new shampoo and conditioner as well as a lovely new vegan nail polish from The Body Shop, and got reacquainted with a tube of hair removal cream. The fact that I managed to de-fuzz and paint my own toe nails whilst tentatively manoeuvring around my ever growing bump was pretty impressive!
It does make such a difference though, to feel like you don't look truly hideous from one day to the next.
Baby is now very much capable of waking me up in the night now and boy has my sleep suffered as a result- I'm exhausted! For several hours at a time Baby can wake me up about every 15 minutes as he/she shuffles in to a comfier position, or just gives a firm kick to the ribs. Coupled with a particularly active bladder, this has probably halved the amount of decent sleep I'm getting each night - I just hope the bags under my eyes aren't too noticeable!
I must admit, I'm pretty chuffed to have got away without the horrific heartburn that I experienced whilst pregnant with Seb, so far. I get the occasional burny throat/reflux feeling but it's nothing compared to the constant agony that I was in last time. However, in my previous pregnancy I never noticed anything but my belly and boobs swelling, whereas this time - hello ankles! This only seems to be a problem in the evenings after a day spent up on my feet, which is a common pregnancy complaint and nothing to worry about, but it's still not all that nice to look at!
On Monday last week, I went along to the hospital for the glucose tolerance test that would determine whether or not I'm suffering from gestational diabetes. I'd been asked to do this test as Baby is measuring rather large at ultrasound scans, and diabetes can be one of many causes of larger babies. I wasn't surprised at all though when the results came back clear. I am enjoying a wonderfully healthy pregnancy, and with an ideal BMI, and no family history of diabetes what so ever, it was very unlikely that I'd have developed the condition. I've now to wait another month before seeing a consultant at the hospital to discuss Baby's size in more detail but at the moment I'm not worried at all.
We went along to a local "Bump and Beyond" Nearly New Sale at the weekend, hoping to pick up a few bargains. As it was, the offering was pretty disappointing, and the layout chaotic, so having picked up a really cute organic cotton baby grow and hat, we made a sharp exit - why can't that sort of event be made to look even remotely appealing to those wanting to spend money?
In other news, Boyfriend treated Baby and I to some new bedroom storage this weekend, with a quick trip to IKEA. We now have a new chest of Malm drawers each, so I should be able to make lots more room in the bedroom and we can start thinking about where on Earth we're going to put Baby's hammock!
I still feel really unprepared for Baby's arrival for some reason, but we're getting there, and I know that I've got everything written out in lists and just need to start working through them - it just all feels incredibly daunting (and exciting of course) all of a sudden!

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  1. I felt unprepared right up until week 41 when Boo finally decided to make an appearance a week late! So exciting, such a lovely update to read =)