29 Week Update

I'm afraid that my first week of the third trimester passed without much incident at all. Did you have a chance to check out my third trimester shopping list? All I can say - is that I went and bought the Birkenstocks, and what a foot revelation they are!
Baby is getting more and more active, but the nature of his/her movements in changing, I guess as he/she grows and develops. Where before I was used to an episode of sharp kicks, now movements are full-body wriggles that cause my whole tummy to ripple and shudder! This baby is such a Daddy's boy/girl - it only takes for Boyfriend to sit down beside us and start talking and that's usually enough to get Baby rooting around trying to find him!

As planned, I pulled all of the baby stuff out that's been accumulating over the past couple of months under my stairs, and had another sort out. The first lot of nappies, my stash of Little Lamb bamboo nappies, went in to the wash, and it was lovely to see them drying in the warm breeze today. I've got piles more nappy related stuff to get washed this week, including our teeny tiny Mothercare Smart Nappies in the newborn size which fits babies as small as 4lbs. I'm pretty certain that unless Baby arrives this evening - I shall never have a baby that small!
I also washed all of the fabrics on our most recent pushchair purchase - a Bebe Confort Loola, with the corresponding Windoo carrycot. I'm going to talk more about my buying experience with this one in a separate post (in which I'll be discussing some of the downsides of buying for Baby second hand) - but let's just say, the pushchair arrived not quite as described, and we're currently "refurbishing" it! The fabrics came up an absolute dream though! I've been washing using the EcoEgg that we picked up at Grand Designs Live last weekend - as it's the most highly recommended laundry product for baby items - and I can't believe what a wonderful job it's doing! Even on a stained, beige carrycot!
I've arranged all of baby's clothes in to obvious categories for sorting - and had forgotten just how adorable some of the bits he/she has to wear are! These are also lined up for washing now.
All in all, as I mess around with actual baby stuff everything is starting to feel very real!

There was some exciting mail at Boyfriend's house as the huge Sun shelter that he'd ordered online arrived. We live just a few moments walk from the sea, which is fabulous, and Boyfriend and his two sons surf (Seb's also been promised his first surf sessions this Summer) - so most of our Summer holidays are to be spent on the beach. Being decidedly ginger though, with a newborn baby, some structure to offer shade is a must this year. The Sun shelter is a.mazing though, big enough to stand up inside, it's basically an open-fronted tent that springs up in just a few seconds (but has sand pegs to ensure it stays in place on the beach) - it's going to make our Summer rather wonderful.


Boyfriend went to work on Saturday, at a house he's been doing a lot of work on since last year. The couple have a relatively young baby and the lovely lady sent Boyfriend on his way with a package of four pairs of maternity jeans and a new black wrap dress! People's generosity has really bowled me over I must admit. I've had a few gifts and hand-me-downs from friends which is wonderful, but even people I don't particularly know, including Mums on the school playground, have offered me all sorts of freebies, from baby carriers to vests.
I showed Boyfriend a couple of hypnobirthing videos on YouTube this week, including the amazing video of Joshua's home/water/hypnobirth which I've linked to previously. Needless to say he's blown away. We've also been discussing a few other preferences before we have to start thinking about making a start on our written birth plan. I've decided, for one, that I want to deliver Baby's placenta naturally this time, rather than have the injection to speed the process up, which I had at Seb's birth. We've also agreed to delay the clamping and cutting of Baby's cord until the placenta has been delivered. These are important decisions which we've spent a lot of time researching and discussing but I think we have the loose outline of a birth plan coming together now. Perhaps we should start writing some bits down this coming week!

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