28 Week Update

It's Monday, and therefore time for another update! It's certainly been quite a week! With Seb's fifth birthday taking place I'd been quite distracted from all things baby at the beginning of the week, but enjoyed spending some quality time celebrating with Number 1 son (and lots of our friends) - however, with the new month, came an opportunity to check in on bump at my 28 week midwife appointment.

Whilst I'm actually 28 weeks today, it's a glorious bank holiday, and as such I had my 28 week appointments a few days early.
The 28 week appointment with the midwife is just a routine check up. I had to have two lots of blood taken to double check levels of white blood cells in case of any niggling infections, and to keep and eye on my iron levels. A urine test also checked for any sign of infection (and came back all clear) though a quick check on my blood pressure revealed that this is continuing to fall, and is now considered "alarmingly low"! For those who are interested my blood pressure is now sitting at 80/50 - although I have to admit, I'm not entirely sure what it should be in an ideal world! My midwife has advised that there is nothing that can be done for low blood pressure, and as such I need to keep hydrated, eat little and often, and take care when standing up, or being active for a prolonged period of time.
The loveliest bit of the appointment, as always, was being able to listen in to Baby's heartbeat, which is strong and perfect - and also to the deafening sounds of my placenta, pumping blood along the umbilical cord to Baby. My midwife commented on how incredibly strong this sounded, and assured me that Baby would be thriving, with such a strong supply of nutrients and oxygen, which naturally made me feel great.
This was the first appointment at which my bump was measured, from pelvic bone to the top of my womb. Ideally I should measure the same number of cm as I am weeks pregnant, and hurrah - bump is measuring exactly on point at 28cm.
After a bout of sickness and fever on Saturday, I managed a night out with Boyfriend and some friends on Saturday evening and, having napped on and off through my illness in the morning, actually stayed out until gone midnight! Any pregnant lady will applaud me for this I'm sure, although I must be honest and say that when everyone else was giggling in to their Prosecco, someone had made me a nice big cup of tea!
Yesterday we had our 28 week growth scan. This isn't routine, but baby was measuring towards the larger end of the scale at our 20 week anomaly scan, so we'd been asked to go back in to check on progress at 28 weeks. I'd been certain all along that the measurements would have evened themselves out, I don't feel as though I'm carrying an abnormally large child. However, once the sonographer had taken all of Baby's measurements, she informed us that we're still carrying a child large enough to be of concern.
I remain unconvinced.
Baby is healthy, happy, and doesn't seem to be experiencing any problems, and equally I am healthy and happy - however, because of these larger measurements I've now been referred for a glucose tolerance test to check whether I am, in fact, suffering from gestational diabetes (I'd bet you my cat that I'm not) and have been moved to the care of a consultant, rather than midwife-lead care.
This is all really frustrating; as many will know, I'm passionately optimistic about birthing at home in water, and can't help but feel that consultant lead care will just present me with a new obstacle to overcome in order to have the birth that I want. I'm sticking to my guns of course, and I have been advised that if nobody can find a single thing wrong with me and Baby, that I may be moved back to midwife-lead care after the 32 week mark, so here's hoping.
I'm pretty sure this is just a slightly chunky baby, and that all will pass without incident. Did you give birth to a particularly large baby? Or were you told that your baby's measurements or weight were of concern, only to deliver a perfectly happy healthy little person? I'd love to hear other's similar experiences.
This week I'm going to be focussing on sorting through Baby's belongings, and getting a little more organised. Everything has been put away in the space under my stairs, but we also have bits to sell on Ebay, and things to wash and fold ready for our new arrival, so it's definitely a week for buckling down and ticking off some list items!

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