What's On My New Baby Shopping List?

I shared "The List" with some pregnant friends recently. Many will know that I can not, physically, survive from one day to the next without writing lists; so it's unsurprising that one of the first things I did, after getting my head around this whole Baby thing, was to write a list of everything I wanted to buy to provide for said baby.
I'm lucky, I guess, that I've done this before, and learned from a few mistakes, as well as found some key discoveries along the way. My list is made up of items that I am so glad I had for Seb, and items that I realised at some point I'd been a fool not to get hold of. It may, or may not, prove helpful for other expectant Mums but I thought I'd share anyway!
It's probably worth mentioning that I'm 100% committed to making "a baby on a budget", and most of the things on this list have been, or will be, sourced second hand. We've also been lucky enough to have some bits gifted to us from friends and so haven't had to spend a penny on them. If anything here looks a bit indulgent, you can probably bet that I didn't pay anywhere near full price for it!
I've left baby clothing items off of this list as I did a separate list of these which I might share in another post.
Amby Nature's Nest Hammock - I don't like the idea of laying a newborn baby flat on their back in a crib or cot, or a moses basket (though in my experience those things last all of two weeks anyway!) - it seems a pretty unnatural environment, and sleeping position, for a little person who's been womb-bound for 9 months, which is why I've always loved baby hammocks - and hell, they've been the baby sleeping arrangement of choice for centuries in most cultures. What's more, because the hammock is suspended by a spring, when baby wakes up, their slightest movement will create a soothing, bouncing motion, which will quite often send them back to sleep without you having to get out of bed - bonus! The Amby nest is one of the most efficient on space, and is ever so well made. We picked ours up second hand on Ebay with an unused mattress. Find out more here.
Gro Bags - These are something Boyfriend swore by for his two sons, and that I had limited success with when Seb was born (he hated being covered up by anything, and grobag/sleeping bags frustrated him) - but it just goes to show that every baby is different, and as Boyfriend has had positive experiences - we'll give them a go, they're certainly much safer than blankets!
Bouncy Chair/Rocker/Swing - There are various options when it comes to buying something chair shaped that you can put your baby down in. Seb spent a fair bit of time in his Mamas and Papas bouncer, which someone donated to me when I was pregnant, but alas I didn't keep it. This time around I bought a brand new Cosatto Pip rocker (RRP £130 ish) for £15 on a Facebook selling page, from a lady who'd bought it, and then forgotten she'd bought it, until her baby was too big to use it (yes, really.) It's still in it's original packaging!
Papoozle Sling - I wish I'd put more time and conscious effort in to baby wearing when Seb was born. I had a Baby Bjorn infant carrier for carting him off on dog walks, but found the whole sling thing far too Earth Mother for my previously rather "hands off" approach to babies. This time around we picked up a Papoozle sling at a bargain price at The Baby Show. It's a sort of baby carrier/sling hybrid with a number of nifty features that we fell in love with. Find out more here.
Pushchair Suitable from birth until it's no longer needed, with as few different "attachments" as possible.
Car Seat One thing I won't buy second hand but that needs to be compatible with our pushchair.
Mothercare Smart Nappies (newborn) - Great reusable/cloth nappy solution for newborn babies, fitting little ones as tiny as 4lbs, with a cut away section to allow for their umbilical cord before it's lost. We got an unused set on Ebay for a great price, but even new they're significantly cheaper than many newborn reusables.
MAM self-sterilising bottles - A contentious subject, especially as I'm planning to breastfeed, but I've bought a full set of these MAM bottles in the sale at our local Mamas and Papas store. They were the best bottles that I used for Seb, and the self-sterilising feature is a real godsend, especially if you don't have much room in the kitchen for a bulky sterilising unit.
Breast Pump - The two words that I never wanted to hear in the same sentence, but if we have success with breastfeeding then I'd like to be able to express as soon as possible so that feeding duties can be shared out. For the time being I've opted for a manual pump rather than an expensive electronic version, and am sticking with MAM to keep everything compatible. The MAM breastfeeding "kit" is on offer at Babies'R'Us, and includes nipple shields, storage containers, reusable breast pads, and a few extra MAM bottles. Awesome value at less than £20 (and available here: the RRP is about £75)
Nipple Shields - See above
Breast Pads - See above
Lansinoh Nipple Cream - pretty self explanatory!
Love To Dream Swaddle - These zip-up swaddle blankets allow babies to enjoy that lovely, cosy, womb-like environment that makes swaddling such a success, in a more natural position (with special space for their arms). You also don't need to worry about technique, as you just pop baby in and zip them up! Ebay seems to be the cheapest place to pick them up, used or new.
Soft Blankets - Boyfriend's Mum bought us a gorgeous fleece blanket in the Laura Ashley sale, and I've picked up a couple of lighter pram blankets, second hand and in sales.
Muslins - I'd recommend getting about 50 muslins. OK, that's an exaggeration, but you can never, ever have too many. You'll use them for everything from wiping tiny chins, to clearing up vomit, laying baby down when surfaces are a little suspect, padding out nappies if you're out for any amount of time, getting gunk out of eyes and noses, using as a sun shield over your pram hood, as an extra layer if the wind picks up... the list is endless. Sainsbury's oddly, are quite cheap for packs of plain white muslin squares. I also grabbed a couple of extra large ones for swaddling etc. by Yoga Baby in TK Maxx. They were one of the first baby purchases I made as they were only £4 for a pack of two, in lovely colours.
Baby Monitor - A friend has given us her no-longer-needed monitor, so that's a result!
Ewan The Sheep - Ewan The Sheep is my go-to New Baby gift for friends. He's basically a nightlight, a soft toy, and a mobile in one; with a soft, womb-like pink glow, and a number of sounds that babies associate with being in their Mum's tum, including a heartbeat sound, and white noise options. Every single baby that I've bought him for has become almost obsessively attached to him, and their parents have sworn by Ewan to get them a good night's sleep. Ewan is available from most outlets that sell baby gear, including Mamas and Papas, Mothercare, Boots, Tesco, Ocado, Argos etc. 
This Works Baby Sleep Pillow Spray - This gentle lavender spray is approved for use with children and babies, and creates a soothing fragrance almost guaranteed to help little people nod off. What's more, for every bottle purchased, This Works donate £1 to Kids Company, supporting vulnerable children. I love the adult version too.
Coconut Oil - I generally have plenty of this stuff floating around anyway, but coconut oil makes the perfect natural alternative to nappy creams, offering all of the benefits without any of the risk of reactions. It's also good for any of Mum's ouchy-bits post birth. Also useful for treating cradle cap, which Seb suffered with pretty badly - and much nicer than those horrible medicated shampoos.
Superdrug Talc - Some people prefer not to use talc, and that's cool. When Seb was a baby he was extremely chunky, and this meant lots and lots of adorable rolls and baby-boobs - getting all of those crevices and creases dry after bath time was a right faff, and I preferred to puff him with some talcum powder than let the skin get sore. Superdrug's own talcum powder is cruelty free and vegan (and cheaper than Johnsons).
Natalia Baby Massage Oil - The benefits of baby massage are overly well documented. There are lots of lovely baby massage oils on the market, though I was only very recently introduced to Natalia by Vital Touch, who produce a line of gorgeous looking natural products that I'll be stocking up on. Find out more here.  
Water Wipes - I'm as yet undecided between using disposable and reusable wipes, and in all honesty, it'll probably end up being a mixture of the two. I like the idea of using reusable wipes at home, but can't see us going without a pack of disposable wipes in the change bag. Thankfully, we discovered Water Wipes at The Baby Show, which contain only water and natural ingredients, are super soft like cotton AND are biodegradable. Unfortunately not flushable, but as far as I am aware there are no baby wipes that are - when we questioned this it turned out that the only way to make a Water Wipe flush-friendly would be to add non-natural chemicals that would go against the company's ethos, so that's perfectly OK by me. The cheapest way to buy Water Wipes, which aren't available with many retailers, is to buy in bulk on Amazon.
Comfy Knickers - Post-birth you need comfy knickers by the lorry load, for a start, maternity pads are not discreet, it's like having a folded copy of the Sunday Times in your pants, and what's more, you're going to be all about the comfy for quite some time! Primark are probably the most obvious place with a pair of pants for about £1, but Supermarket multipacks are handy too. Don't buy high waisted designs though in case you end up needing a caesarean section.
Maternity Pads - Because you need them.
Lavender Oil - This stuff is a godsend post-birth, a few drops in the bath not only helps to relax and restore tired and anxious Mamas, but it really helps to sooth ouches and stings too.
Natalia Stretch Mark Oil - Useful during pregnancy, but you need to support your skins elasticity after birth too as there's still a lot of stretching going on.
Suitable Tops for Breastfeeding - Because I am planning to breastfeed I'm already stocking up on vest tops that I can wear underneath a T-shirt or similar, and pull down easily. I have no intention of buying specific breastfeeding tops, but it's just something to bear in mind when clothes shopping post-baby.
Nursing bras - So that you can whack them out easy enough.  
Button-opening pyjamas - As I heard Caroline Hirons recently advise Ruth Crilley from A Model Recommends and now her new pregnancy blog, The Uphill, you should stay in pyjamas for as long as possible after the birth of your baby. I totally agree, and the YouTube video I reference (Pregnancy and Birthing Chat with Caroline) is lovely by the way if you haven't seen it (here). For breastfeeding I'll be stocking up on plenty of breastfeeding-friendly PJs.
I'm sure there are tonnes of others bits I could add to the list, and so I'd love to hear your recommendations, whether you're expecting at the moment, or looking back on the things you couldn't have done without when you had a baby, or the things you wish you'd invested in. Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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  1. That is one hell of a list, My favourite newborn product was the slumber buddie. Emily is now 7 months and wont sleep without it. Definitely recommend it x
    Steph | www.raisingemily.net

    1. Thanks for the tip - I'm going to check it out! x

  2. This is a great great list of bits to get for baby!! I think going at it again you definitely know what you ACTUALLY need and I think all of your list covers that! Thanks very much for linking up to hope to see you again tomorrow, Alice - host x

    1. It's definitely a whole different game when you're playing from experience! Just the sheer amount of money we've saved by knowing we don't need certain things, or not feeling the need to buy brand new has been great! x

  3. This is really such a great list, so informative and I love it :) your list covers so much! Will be great for people having babies, I'll keep in mind for when I decide to have another!

    thankyou for joining in with #mummymonday - love Gemma - host xo

  4. That's a great list, wish I could have read this before I had my little girl! #mummymonday