The Reality of Owning a Cat

Cats are great, right? I mean, they're so much more independent than dogs huh? And they'll pose adorably for Instagram snaps But the reality of cat ownership can sometimes fail to live up to the friendly, fluffy dream; not that we'd have it any other way!
10 truths of cat ownership that all cat owners will identify with:
  1. Whilst you may not understand everything that your cat is trying to tell you, there's a recognisable difference between a) your cat's meow and b) your cat's meow when they've brought you a dead thing.
  2. A cat on the stairs is infinitely more dangerous than a roller skate on the stairs.
  3. Your laptop is a warm place. In front of your TV is a warm place. Your face in the middle of the night is a warm place. Anything designed specifically for cats to sleep in, is not a warm place.
  4. You will eventually stop bothering to apologise to visitors for the cat hair on their clothes and in their tea.
  5. Your phone memory contains more photographs of your cat than of your children/partner/the outdoors.
  6. Whilst on the subject of phones, the corner of your phone doubles up as the perfect cat-face-massager, generally only when in use under any of it's other functions (sending text messages, browsing Twitter, trying to take a photograph of something that isn't your cat).
  7. You didn't like having fresh cut flowers in the house anyway.
  8. Potential love matches become considerably more attractive as soon as they mention their cat.
  9. Your clean washing will never be safe. Anywhere.
  10. Nobody will be as pleased to hear that you're unwell, taking the day off of work, and staying in bed, as your cat.

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