Parenting Hack: Tidy Flat Treasure Hunt

This is one of those guilty parenting secret kind of things, but we all have them right? Besides, this has proved, over the past few weeks, to give me a guaranteed opportunity to tidy the flat and play with Seb (now nearly five).

I hate having to say that I can't play because I'm behind on washing/dishes or I need to run the hoover round. Yes, there's a lot to be said for involving children in housework, and often this is how things work around here - but then - it takes twice as long! Letting Seb have a go with the vacuum cleaner doesn't mean I then don't have to vacuum, in fact, it leaves me with the far more tedious task of going round to get the bits he missed!
I also find that if I go with my "ahh, sod the housework" urge and play games with Seb - I end up not enjoying the time I spend with him because it's constantly niggling me that there are Hama beads everywhere and the entire upstairs smells faintly of the cat's litter tray.
Easter however, provided me with a solution, at least to picking stuff up, if not the mopping and the dishes. Because this year we have no outside space having moved in to a second floor flat, the Easter Bunny had no choice but to hide his chocolate bounty indoors. Turns out, Seb loved this. Only problem is, we've had to recreate the Easter egg hunt countless times ever since! We've still got tonnes of Easter eggs left over (yes yes, slightly spoiled child) so most days, we take it in turns to pretend to sleep on the sofa whilst the other runs around, playing the part of the Easter bunny, and hides the eggs to be found all over again.
As grown up, this gives me the perfect opportunity to convince Seb that I'm being "Fun Mum", whilst I'm actually expertly multitasking, hiding eggs as I plump cushions, straighten blankets, smooth out the rug, even water the houseplants, then I shout "Wake UP!" - the room is perfectly tidy, and Seb's none the wiser with regards his neglect. He then hides all of the eggs in a different room, and whilst I'm looking for them, I'm discreetly tidying and returning things to order.
You're welcome!


  1. Haha very savvy must try this trick out! #mummymonday

  2. Hah, see we don't have any eggs left because ahem, mummy has to taste test them all......oops! Great idea though :) #mummymondays

    1. Oh it'll work with anything... hide marbles :) x

  3. I found the hunt thing useful too. You can expand it to year round play by hiding gems (a pack of sparkly coloured stones I got from a shop). The other option is hide the button with a hotter, hot, cooler, cold thing going on and whilst you are giving them the temperature of their position the housework is getting done:-)