IKEA "Spoka"; child's rechargeable night light - Review

When Seb was a baby I was adamant that I would not be investing in black out blinds for his nursery because I "wanted a baby who would sleep anywhere, not just in pitch darkness". I did get my wish, whether by design or not, but what I've also been left with is an almost five year old who claims to be scared of the dark. Seb would sooner fall asleep under the glare of an overhead light, if there is no lamp available, than sleep in the dark, and I have to admit, it's frustrating.
For a little while I'd been looking at different nightlight options for Seb, so that I could cut down our energy usage a little and gradually introduce him to a little less light at bedtime - I know he's perfectly capable, he's slept over at friend's houses and has gone to sleep in the dark when sharing the room with other children, but there is such a fuss if we attempt the same at home and he's on his own.
There are tonnes of nightlights around, but for whatever reason, something or other put me off of each of the options, until we discovered SPOKA on a recent trip to IKEA.
SPOKA's charging cable pulls out of the back of his body and he's then set to glow for hours - the point at which the plug enters SPOKA is hidden behind a rubber valve when not in use.
From the very first night that Seb was introduced to SPOKA, he's had no need at all for any additional lighting in his bedroom, and because SPOKA is tactile and can be carried around, Seb is able to take SPOKA with him if he needs the toilet in the night - treating him much like he would a torch, so no fumbling for the bathroom light switch either!
  • SPOKA is rechargeable - so no need to worry about buying batteries or locating a convenient plug socket.
  • We get brilliant battery life from SPOKA, IKEA suggest that after charging he'll stay alight for 4-5 hours, but we can get 24 hours + solid light on one charge.
  • You can choose to have either one solid colour, or to have SPOKA gently change between five different colours. Seb prefers the colour change option.
  • SPOKA comes in two different colour change combinations. The shorter, fatter SPOKA runs through a range of warm colours (reds, pinks and oranges) whilst the tall, thin SPOKA (which we have) runs through a range of cool colours (blues, greens and purples.)
  • SPOKA uses LED lights, which can last for up to 25,000 hours.
  • He's affordable at only £13.00
  • SPOKA's outer layer is made from heat resistant silicone rubber, which means he's safe for the child to actually take in to bed. Seb can cuddle and talk to SPOKA before he falls asleep, rather than the nightlight being static on a table or against a wall.
  • Because SPOKA is completely mobile, he can be carried around, to the toilet or downstairs to see me, meaning you only need the one SPOKA.
  • SPOKA doesn't break if he's dropped.
  • SPOKA is cute!
  • None that I've found yet!
We would absolutely recommend SPOKA to anyone with a child who struggles with a fear of the dark, or who could even use a little help getting to the bathroom in the night. I'm so glad we bought him and it's totally changed bedtime for the better! When Seb wakes up in the morning, he now simply pops SPOKA back on charge for the day, without being asked.

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