27 Week Update

Sheesh I feel pregnant now! This week has passed largely without incident though for the first time someone offered me their seat on the packed school run bus that I catch every morning! Another lady who I see every morning at the bus stop finally plucked up the courage to ask if I'm expecting, and a school-gate friend was relieved to find out that I was having another baby as she's suspected this to be the case but hadn't wanted to put her foot in it if I was just fat! I think these anecdotes all suggest that I'm starting to look a lot more pregnant now!
Bump will soon be measured by my midwife but I think I'm probably about where I should be for 27 weeks (ideally I should measure 27cm from pubic bone to the top of my uterus).
I've also started experiencing really strong episodes of Braxton Hicks contractions, which haven't been in the least bit enjoyable. These are uterine contractions which work, in some way, as a "practice run" for labour, and basically demonstrate that your body is preparing to give birth. The fact that I've noticed these going on means nothing though, every pregnant lady begins to get Braxton Hicks contractions from around the sixth week of pregnancy - they just don't notice them that early on, and some never do. The fact that I'm noticing how strong and uncomfortable my contractions are is probably testament to the fact that I've been here and done this before.
Boyfriend and I have decided to sell on the two pushchairs that we've already bought. We both previously spotted a pushchair each on Ebay, both great deals, but we couldn't agree on which to go for, so decided to each buy our respective favourite, and try them out when they arrived. The plan was then to decide on which of the two to keep, and to sell on the loser. However - Boyfriend's "Landrover of the pushchair world", the Teutonia Fun System, arrived a little tattier than we'd been lead to believe it would be, and it wasn't love, for either of us - though the pushchair itself, with it's monster wheels and solid German design - is great. I'd managed to find a traditional looking Graco pram, complete with carrycot and car seat, in immaculate condition, for only £25. However, nice as it is (and I do really like it) it weighs an absolute TONNE. As I live in a second floor flat, this is an obvious downer. I can barely lift it off of the ground when it's folded up, let alone up several flights of stairs, and whilst I don't have a car to fit it into, it's just too big to be practical. So it's back to the drawing board, with both pushchairs to be photographed and returned to Ebay and other local selling pages.
We've decided now to look for a modular travel system, with a small lightweight base that I can carry up and down stairs, and a seat unit that clips to that, preferably that can lay flat and be used from birth. Some of my favourites are the Mamas and Papas Sola system and Mothercare's Orb (or the earlier Spin) design - so this is what I'm looking out for online.
In good news though, a friend on Facebook offered us a free highchair! A highchair wasn't even on my new baby shopping list, as it's not needed for a newborn, but of course I'm not going to pass up on a freebie. The free highchair is now in situ in Boyfriend's dining room and is perfect - the seat cover and straps have been through the washing machine, and the base itself has had a thorough wipe down. It's by Ladybird from Littlewoods and has several nifty features, including many height settings, meaning you can collapse it down really low and sit on the sofa or even the floor to feed baby, and equally it extends super high, so that you could use it at a breakfast bar.
As I write this my 27 week baby is kicking away quite merrily, so here's to another week passing by on what continues to be a predominantly happy and healthy pregnancy. The week ahead contains scans and urine samples so... look forward to that!

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