Sharing Pregnancy

This current pregnancy was always going to be vastly different from my previous experience, for a number of reasons, but one of the most significant, and obvious differences between my to pregnancies, would be the presence of a second parent.
Seb's father and I had already separated when I discovered that I was pregnant, and despite a rollercoaster year, our romantic relationship was never resumed, and by the time Seb was five months old, his father had already moved to South East Asia.
Last night I laid in bed with my boyfriend's head resting on my, now rather rotund, tummy, whilst our baby kicked him continuously in the side of the face; and I can honestly say that there is a contentment in such moments that you can't find anywhere else. I don't really remember the experience of being pregnant with Seb, perhaps because I wasn't aware of my pregnancy until much later, but also because, alone, I just got on with it without sharing many of the important moments with anyone but myself.
There are of course a number of trivial "downsides" to being in this with someone else; for a start, I have to run any potential baby names past my boyfriend (who, for the most part, vetoes them.) It was actually my Mum who first suggested Sebastian as a boy's name last time around (up until then, a boy baby was going to be a Rupert) but once I'd decided to go with it, I didn't need to ask anyone else's opinion. Rupert has already received a firm no from boyfriend by the way!
Thankfully, we're both very much on the same page as far as how we approach parenthood for what will be the third time for him, and the second for me. From buying almost all baby-kit second hand (not just due to financial restraints but because an alternative seems ridiculous to both of us), to delivering baby at my home if we are able.
Boyfriend and I tend to have almost identical taste in material objects as well (just not in names apparently) - so when it comes to baby clothes, pushchairs, or blanket designs, we've tended to be very much united in what we like and dislike, which helps I guess.
To compare my two pregnancies so far (ignoring the fact that at this stage in my previous pregnancy I didn't even know I was pregnant), based entirely on the experience of being one half of a pregnant couple, compared to being single and pregnant - naming disagreements aside - I fall more in love with this man every day as our baby grows. Pregnancy creates a whole new layer to our relationship that neither of us had previously foreseen or anticipated. The fact that even though this second pregnancy was equally as unplanned as my pregnancy with Seb, I can now look forward to baby's arrival with more excitement than anxiety, and lean on someone when things seem a bit tough (or I have a rotten cold, as has been the case this week!) has made being pregnant something of a breeze so far.
I guess it helps that not only am I sharing pregnancy this time, but I'm sharing it with a guy who totally rocks my socks.


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