Training For The Big Walk: Day 1

Yesterday I laced up my walking boots, strapped on my new backpack for the first time, and set out on my first day of proper walking, building up towards April's 72 mile trek to London. 

Let's clear a few things up; initially when I bore the idea to walk from Margate to London, in one go, without sleep: I was relatively blasé about it. A few people suggested that it would be really.bloody.hard and that I'd need to train - like, seriously train, and the Internet suggested that this would take about 6 months (twice the time I have to prepare for the Big Walk). I'd waved my hand about indifferently and pointed out that it was, after all, only walking. I was wrong. Yesterday, on Day 1 of my loosely thought out training rota, I walked just over seven and a half miles, and afterwards I ached, and I was so tired I was asleep before my head hit the pillow last - I was also ravenously hungry, and felt like I'd walked at least double the distance that I had. 

Walking 10 times the distance I walked yesterday no longer seems like a "it's just a massive walk" triviality. I've decided that I really do need to train, and as a non-walker previously (I mean, don't get me wrong I'm a capable walker, but I have zero experience of long distance walking) - it's not something that I can just do - annoyingly.

So having eaten a serious slice of humble pie, I got up again this morning, laced up my walking boots, pulled on a waterproof (ish) jacket, and headed out once more. And this is what I'm going to have to keep on doing (for those who're wondering, my temporary Christmas job has ended now so I'm back to freelancing whilst I work out the next move!)

I'd initially planned, with buoyant cheer, to walk from Margate harbour, to Ramsgate harbour yesterday. I actually made it just over half way, to Broadstairs, and decided that I'd reached the limits of my comfortable capability. What I didn't want to do was push myself on to Ramsgate, only to give myself some sort of injury and have to bow out of any more training until I was back to health. It seemed to make more sense to stop when my muscles and joints began to complain, rather than wait for them to give up altogether. 

One other change to my initial plans, was the addition of a walking companion, in the form of my (estranged) husband's dog, Pat - the company was very much appreciated! 

I took the camera along too so thought today I'd share some pictures from our walk (and of Pat).

Nothing makes me sad like the abandoned and derelict Lido at Cliftonville. Whilst taking this photo I got chatting to a guy who'd spent much of his childhood in Margate, until the late 60's, not only does he remember The Beatles playing at The Winter Gardens, but he also remembers the lido when it was a busy pool. Returning to his childhood town now, 50 years later, he seemed heartbroken. 

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  1. Well done for getting out again to train! Have you considered (if you don't already) jogging to build up stamina, as well as practicing long walks. I found it improved my stamina and is what I will be doing to train for the Lyke Wake Walk.

    Beautiful photos. Love the one of Pat taken through the hole in the rock!
    Miss Tulip x
    The Thrifty Magpies Nest