Living Room Update; Victorian Style School Desk

Ever since moving in to the flat I've wanted to get my hands on an old wooden school desk. I've had my eye on a few in the many second hand furniture shops of Margate (one thing we are not short of here in Margate is fantastic retro and antique furniture outlets!) but every time, they either wanted more money than I was prepared to spend; or the desk was already sold and awaiting delivery to it's new home. 
So you can imagine my delight when my friend posted a picture of her perfect Victorian school desk on Facebook - asking if anybody wanted it for £20 so that she could make space for a tumble drier. Obviously I bit her virtual arm off, and luckily, I was the first to do so. Before the end of the day, this perfect little piece was sitting pretty in my living room.

The living room here is big. I'm not complaining, but it's such a large room to furnish. At the moment I have one three-seater sofa, a two-seater sofa, a large square foot stool, a coffee table, a writing bureau, a nest of occasional tables, a rocking chair, and a drinks trolley - and there are still great expanses of space left to be filled. I think the idea is that this room should serve as a lounge/diner, and therefore half of the space should be filled with a table and chairs for eating at, but I've always been more of a kitchen/diner kind of girl, so this is lounge and lounge only. 

The writing desk now has it's own corner though and it's proved more than worth it's cost, given that I finally have somewhere to stow all of Seb's arty bits, colouring books and the like, and my (white) coffee table is saved from felt-tip threat. 

The living room is one room in the flat that I finally feel is coming together, and I've been able to make a (relatively small) list of finishing touches and outstanding jobs that will leave it feeling "complete". 

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