Fave New Blogs

Just recently I've made an effort to widen my blog reading net. There are so many brilliant blogs out there, with new ones being created every day. I thought I'd share a few of my brand new favourites, why not let me know if you've discovered any great blogs recently, and check out some of my suggestions. 


Oh what can I say about this blog that does it any justice at all? The design is simple and beautiful, James, the writer is equally gorgeous, and her content is bang-on every time. The photography is out of this world (as is James' show stopping Bengal cat by the way). 

If you're a British reader who tends to avoid American blogs because you find it difficult to relate, get over yourself quickly and head over. For me, Bleubird isn't about relating, it's just about immersing myself in something really really pretty.

You can have a read of it here.

Cruelty Free Kitty

More bengal cats! Cruelty Free Kitty is a genuinely tasty little beauty blog. Weird confession - I have no idea where writer Suzi is based - I've trawled the blog and social media and can't find reference to a country - let alone a city or area but as most products are referenced price-wise in dollars, I'd hazard a guess at this being another American blog. 

With products being so easy to get your mitts on regardless of a transatlantic divide however, this shouldn't be a problem, for example - Suzi's recent post on cruelty-free foundations prompted me to order the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation, which is easy to grab from the QVC website. 

If you like your beauty green and PETA approved, then this is a great hang out.

Amber's Beauty Talk

Whilst I'm on the subject of cruelty-free beauty, I found Amber's blog thanks to Zoe Newlove's recent post on "Going Green" (which is lovely and you can enjoy it here.)

Amber's (British) green beauty blog is a wondrous place. As I believe all the best beauty blogs do, Amber's Beauty Talk offers the occasional bit of lifestyle reading outside of the bog-standard product reviews, without going wildly off-topic. She also writes a series for Green Beauty Newbies, if you're just beginning to swap your regular cosmetic products for cruelty free, natural alternatives. 

Amber also features recipes and DIY tutorials for home made beauty products - cheap and effective - double thumbs up! Check out Amber's blog here.

Seeds & Stitches

Unlike many of the blogs that I usually read, Seeds & Stitches is maintained by two bloggers, Hannah and Davina, but it definitely has a single, and perfectly consistent identity, which I love

Hannah and Davina describe their blog as being about "living creatively, celebrating the seasons and adventuring" and say that their goal is to "inspire others to live a creative live that's more in tune with the seasons and prove that anyone can be creative". 

The blog is full of personal stories, crafty projects and inspiration for ethical, sustainable family life - I have lost so much time to this blog already; if it sounds like your cup of tea, head straight over (to here) and get lost! 

Wrapped In Newspaper

This is another double-blogger blog, run and maintained by sisters, Veronica and Amy. Wrapped In Newspaper follows the sister's journey as they learn to live a more sustainable, green, "eco" lifestyle, from keeping their own (beautiful) hens, to sharing their first vegan Christmas. 

There's also an adorable focus on bees (and I LOVE bees) so this gets Wrapped In Newspaper and extra vote from me. 

If you like lots of nom-worthy vegan recipes, English outdoors-ness, and the occasional Bombus Terrestis (that's a Buff Tailed Bumblebee, as I learned from Wrapped In Newspaper today!) then I urge you to give the girls some love over here.

Oh Dear Drea

Back to America, and have you ever seen such a lovely looking blog?

I found Oh Dear Drea by accident on Bloglovin and instantly hit that follow button because despite the fact that she's on the other side of the globe, Drea's blog is so far up my street, it's at my front door. 

There's vegan cooking, gorgeous home decor, plenty of yoga, and all sorts of features on natural living, including regular dollops of beauty content. Basically, it's a bit of a dream. 

Another one that I encourage you to make a point of visiting (over here). 

And so that rounds up my latest discoveries, but there's always room for more blog-amazing-ness so if you've found an awesome new blog lately (or even better, if you write one) please please please drop me an email, a tweet, or a comment below so that I can check it out.


  1. Thanks so much for including me in this post x x x

    1. Thank YOU for writing it Zoe and I hope you're enjoying your new-found green-dom :) x

  2. Thank you so much for including my blog! So happy you like it :) x

    1. I'm really enjoying it - following on Bloglovin' so manage to catch all of your latest posts :)